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Police Shoot to Wound 18 at Ada Toflokpo Shalom

Reason for the shootout is not yet known but sources state that granting of monopoly to Electrochem Ghana to control the operations of salt production in the Ada Songor Lagoon has generated a difference of opinion between supporters and opponents of the project.

18 persons are in a critical condition after police officers from the Sege District Police Command on Monday, August 9, 2021, around 11: 20 am fired gunshots at hundreds of the residents of Toflokpo, Shalom and Bonikope Toflokpo, the farming communities in the Ada West District of the Greater Accra Region.

The shooting incident by the police officers, the residents told the media were led by Sege District Police Commander, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Mr George Aboagye.

The motive for the shooting of the victims is not known but the media was informed that the police officers fired the guns at the crowds of citizens who staged a demonstration to mount pressure on government to review the agreement which granted a monopoly to Electrochem Ghana to win salt in the Lagoon.

The gunshot victims were seen in critical conditions in a video and pictures for which they were sustained severe gun and cutlass wounds.

Suddenly,some of the victims were overheard crying uncontrollably by saying that they were offered bribes to allow the citizens to give chances for the Electrochem Ghana to win salt in the Ada Songor Lagoon.

“Why is it that the police officers would be hired by MacDan to shoot us on our own ancestors’ property which the police wanted for the Electrochem Ghana to take from us. This is bad,” a man screaming in a video stated.

The wailing man went on to allege that “MacDan has given some of policemen money to shoot people at Toflokpo, Shalom and Bonikope today, Monday, August 9, 2021, around 11:20 am because of Songor Lagoon salt winning project and as at now the police have are arrested seven (7) people including the chiefs and Bonikope with the Ada Traditional Area.”

One of the residents stated that the police told them that “we are fools for working against MacDan’s take over of the Songor Lagoon.”

Speaking in an interview, some of the opinion leaders in the area who pleaded condition of anymonity disclosed that about 15 people were shot at by the police, leaving three of them critically injured.

“We have sent all the wounded to the hospital for treatment,” they said.

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