Polly Tsai is the celebrity wife of Ming Tsai. She is most recognized for being the wife of Ming.

Ming Tsai is an American celebrity chef, television personality and restaurateur. Tsai’s restaurants have focused on east-west fusion cuisine.

Who Is Polly Tsai?

Polly Tsai was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, on September 24, 1977. She is the only daughter of her parents.

Although she is educated, there is no information regarding her educational background.

Not much information is disclosed about the early life of Polly Tsai. She likes to keep a low profile.

Polly Tsai Parents

The identity of Polly Tsai’s parents is not known to the public.
She likes to keep her personal life private.

Polly Tsai Siblings

Polly has two brothers; Mark and David Talbott. She is not known to have any sisters or other siblings from David and Mark.

Polly Tsai Husband

Polly Tsai is married to Chef Mng Tsai. they pair have been together since their marriage in April 1996.

Ming Tsai is an American restaurateur, television personality, and celebrity chef.

Polly Tsai Wikipedia, Net Worth, Children, Parents, Obituary, Bio; All About Chef Ming Tsai Wife

Polly Tsa Children

Polly and Mind Tsai have two sons, David and Henry Tsai.
Not much is known bout the children of Polly Tsai.


The actual career or work of Polly Tsai is not known to the public. She is most recognized for being a celebrity spouse.

However, she appeared in television reality shows alongside her husband and children. Polly appeared in Simply Ming.

Polly Tsai’s Net Worth

There is no information about the net worth or earnings of Polly Tsai. Her husband, Ming Tsai, is however estimated to be worth $10 million.


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