Popular musician Don Jazzy lectures on how to avoid snake bite!

Snakes used to be friendly reptiles to humans until it became dangerous to mankind the very moment mankind disobeyed God. The creator cursed both man and the snakes for sinning, the curse was that the snake shall bite the heels of man and man in turn will bruise the snakes head.

Following the sad demise of a female airforce soldier who was bitten by a snake when she was easing herself, many are those who are becoming more cautious with sitting on the water closet.

Hours after this incident, many people have come out to tell their encounters with the poisonous creature who has made it difficult for people to defecate and pee in peace.

Under this circumstances, many have taken it upon themselves to educate others and the executive music producer who has made enormous impart in the Nigerian music industry has also thought it wise to lecture.

Don Jazzy gave some class room lessons and opined that people need to stand upright and this position is very much secure should the Snake even jump out, no harm will be done to the person.

You can watch the video below

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