“Praise” by Fameye stopped me from k!lling myself “ – man confesses

A Ghanaian man named Daakye Kofi has revealed that he almost took away his own life sometime last year .

According to the young man , he went through a difficult time that left him contemplating su!cide for a long time.

However in his statement he mentioned,

” I was watching movies on my phone when someone tapped my shoulders and told me to k!ll myself because I was going through too much pain, as I was just about to grab the knife I heard a song from Fameye from behind my windows which gave me hope”

Daakye Kofi added that he immediately dropped the knife after he heard the lyrics to “Praise” by Fameye .

Singer , Fameye has also reacted to the video citing that this alone is better than any award he has received as a musician.

Watch video below,