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Prayer to comfort a grieving friend

Seasons of loss are a normal part of life. Although grieving is an acceptable and natural response, it can be very difficult to go through. It can be equally difficult to see a friend or someone you care deeply suffer through the pain of loss. God has provided a way for us to help others in these difficult times: intercession. This is when we lift up prayers for another person.

How to Pray for Someone Who Is Grieving

Prayer is talking to God. He has told us to “cast our cares upon him,” so it is good to do just that. Your grieving friend is weighed down with grief, sadness, sorrow, and an untethered feeling of loss. Ask the Lord to care for him or her regarding those things.

Consider reading a Scripture* to your friend before praying. Simply say, “God’s Word has a lot of comfort to offer. Can I read this verse, and then pray for you?”

All the prayers below are based on and accompanied by an appropriate Scripture passage. And of course, you can also pray the Bible verse as a sympathy prayer.

Reading a verse or praying a prayer is not a magical cure, but we know that God’s Word is powerful, and His Spirit is present when we pray for one another. These realities can provide much comfort to your friend or family member during this season of loss.

Our Heavenly Father has made a promise:

To hear us cries

In my distress, I called out to the Lord. I cried out to God for help. He heard me from his temple and listened to my cry.

To take action on our behalf

The righteous cry and the Lord listens; he rescues them from all their troubles. ( Psalm 34.17 ).

It has been my experience that offering to pray for someone in times of grief can give them a sense of comfort and company, which helps ease their spirits. It is a way for them to recognize His sovereignty and to invite Him to work in their situation. The writer of Hebrews explains:

Let’s then approach God’s throne with confidence so that we can receive mercy and find grace in our time of need. Hebrews 4:16

Praying for a friend is a meaningful way of showing concern and support, regardless of whether you are there in person. It is best to speak from the heart. Declaring truths about God leads us to be open-minded and eager to hear His will for our lives.

Here are prayers that can be used for someone in grief:

Prayer for a friend who loses employment


My friend has just lost his job. Please be there for him in this scary, difficult place. You are his refuge from the storm. Allow him to let go of any anger, confusion, shock, or sadness and protect his heart from bitterness.

We thank You for being our Provider and for knowing all of our greatest needs. Let him turn to You to provide everything he needs, and for trust to grow as he receives Your responses. I ask You to take care of him in a practical way. You can provide emotional support for him through time spent with You and family and friends.

He will find hope and encouragement in Your Word if you lead him to it. Father, as my friend goes through this transition, may you remind him that his identity is not based on what he does. Reassure him, Father, that he is valued by You and deeply loved just as he currently is.

In the midst of all the advice, he may receive, help him to discern Your still, little whisper. God, I praise You for Your promise of a future and hope. My friend should now embrace this truth so that he can trust in You while he waits for the next step.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Philippians 4 :19
My God will provide for all your needs according to the riches of his glory through Christ Jesus.

Jeremiah 29:11
I know the plans that I have for you‘ declares God. ‘Plans to prosper and not to hurt you plans that will give you hope and a bright future.

A Prayer for a Friend whose Marriage is Ending

God bless you!

My friend is now divorced and I want to thank You for your tenderness and gentleness. Divorce is a difficult situation that affects many. So, I pray that You would provide for her and all those who are affected by the divorce. Your grace will be abundant.

Your Father, please be the healing touch that she needs right now. Bring Your comforting touch to her when she is feeling regretful or angry. Keep her from despair as she grieves. If you feel trapped by loneliness, don’t despair.

Please help her to be kind to herself and accept the kindness of others. Reassure her that, even though she has been divorced, she doesn’t have to be afraid of being apart from You. You love her so much that it is unbreakable and unchanging. May this bring you great comfort.

Let her feel more of Your presence, and that it brings peace to her heart. God, I thank You for being our Deliverer and that You will guide my friend through this difficult time to a place where hope and renewal are possible. Please give her the strength to get up each morning and the wisdom to be still with You throughout the day.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Lamentations 3:22-22-23

We are not consumed by the Lord’s great love, because his compassions never fail. They are always new; great is your faithfulness.

Romans 8:37-39

I know that neither death nor life nor angels nor rulers nor things present or future nor powers nor height nor depth nor any other aspect of creation can separate us from the love and grace of God in Christ Jesus.

A Prayer for a Friend whose Nest is Now Empty

Abba Father

To lift up my friend, who is an empty-nester, I come before You. You made us be together and know how important it is for parents and children to bond. My friend has put herself in their lives and cared for them. Now she is watching them take their first steps on their own. It’s a difficult time for children, but it is also a very important time for mom.

Although she may feel like she is being jolted by the change, It was not unexpected to You, Lord. We are grateful that You will help her to navigate the many emotions that may arise. Do not let her fall into sadness. Instead, teach her to look back with fondness. Transform agitation into a calm

Regain her sense of purpose if she falls into lethargy. Thank You Father for creating new opportunities in our lives. My friend is near the end of one season but has the gift to start a new one. Assure your friend that her role as a mother will not change, even if it does shift. She will always be there, especially as a mentor or a prayer warrior.

Let her take satisfaction in the way she raised her children, and let her enjoy meeting them as adults. I pray she will be eager to serve You in the future.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

There’s a time and season for everything.

Isaiah 43:19

You see, I’m doing something new! It is now visible. I am creating a path in the wilderness and streams through the wasteland.

A Prayer for a Friend whose Dream has been delayed or lost

Gracious Father,

We are so wonderfully and wonderfully made by You. You have given each one of us talents and abilities, and you call us to make use of them. Sometimes, plans don’t always work out the way we want.

Right now, I am lifting up my friend whose long-held dream seems to have been put on hold. Scripture says that Your Ways are greater than ours and that we should not rely on our own understanding. Help my friend in his time of despair to look to You for comfort and guidance.

I pray for Your grace to allow him to let go of his dreams at the moment. Lord, please help him not to rush to the next project or idea, but instead allow Him to take the time and seek His vision for his future. He will grow his desire to bring glory to You through his gifts. Give him patience while he waits for Your time. Give him clarity through Your Word and prayer in times when he feels lost. To guard his steps, provide support and guidance from wise counselors and friends.

Father, I praise You for Your good plans and purposes. This is a chance for my friend, to renew his commitment and serve You as You wish. He will find true happiness, satisfaction, joy, and success from it.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Proverbs 19:21
There are many plans that a person may have in their heart. But it is the LORD’s purpose which prevails.

Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust the Lord with all of your heart and don’t lean on your own understanding. In all your paths acknowledge Him, He will direct your paths.

Psalm 37:5Psalm 37:7
Trust in the LORD, and commit your path to him.

It can be difficult to know how to comfort a friend grieving the loss of a loved one. We want to be there for them, not burden them. I am grateful for the example of intercessory prayers by Godly people. We can reach out to others like King David and the Apostle Paul.

Condolence comfort prayer for loss of loved one

Here’s how to pray in the presence of anyone who’s lost a dear one. Every condolence prayer is based off the passage or verse from the Bible.

1. Prayer to Come to Jesus

Scripture The Bible says: I invite you to me, all who work and are heavily burdened I will grant you peace. You can take my yoke take my lessons, as I’m gentle and humble in my heart. You will find peace on your souls. For my yoke is comfortable and my burden light. – Matthew 11:28-30

“Father in heaven My dear friend is burdened with sorrow. The grief we feel after the loss of a loved one is a tremendous burden and grieving is hard enough.

“I request that you shoulder her burden and ease her from the burden of her work. I also ask you to give her what you promised to her, which is rest for her soul.

“You are a kind Savior, and you’re humble in the heart of God. This is exactly my dear friend’s need at this moment. She’s been afflicted with low feelings and requires a loving person to help ease the burden. I ask you to be able to help her so that she can be able to rest while she grieves.”

2. All Things New

Scripture The Bible says: I am making everything new. – Revelation 21:5

“O Lord God, you God, you are God of the universe. You created everything to glorify yourself, and even though the world is broken and broken You sent your Jesus to redeem, heal and restore. This work has already begun and, as we wait for the completion of it, we grieve.

“But we do not grieve like those who lack hope. You have promised to return again. Death is going to be defeated in the end and you will transform everything new. In that day, when we will be able to greet you, we are hopeful that those who have fallen through faith, will rise and reborn to be reborn in the image and the likeness of your Son.

“For this faith we are grateful to for your kindness. I would like you to aid my dear friend in learning to be able to mourn well and as he grieves, be looking to Jesus his resurrection, the cross and the resurrection. In Jesus’s name we ask for forgiveness, amen.”

3. Call Upon the Lord for Comfort

Scripture: Call on me in times of trouble, and I will give you my help, and you will praise me. – Psalm 50:15

“O Lord! You have told us to seek your help in times of need. We are today deeply disturbed. The grief can be overwhelming, all-encompassing endless, and so hurtful.

“We cannot handle this burden by ourselves. Therefore, we turn to you. We ask you to Help us release our worries and anxieties on you knowing that you are there for us. Help us to escape these difficulties by offering peace.

“And we praise you for the assurance to us that we have received that you will provide to us; we trust that you will be comforting; you will allow us to peace. When we call on you, please help us be able to feel and see your victory, and thank your name even while we mourn.”

4. Prayer for Comfort in Loss

Scripture: Blessed is Jesus Christ, God as Father to our Savior Jesus Christ, the Father of mercy and the God who gives all peace who is comforting us through all our suffering, to be capable of comforting anyone who is in trouble, and with the same comfort that we ourselves are soothed by God. As we share in the abundance in Christ’s sufferings so too through Christ we are able to share in peace too. – 2 Corinthians 1:3-5

“O Lord You are the God of all mercies, in addition to God of all comfort. God for all consolation. You have also suffered the loss of your only Son. If you didn’t save your Son, and gave him up to us all, just according to what the Scripture states, how can you not with him generously offer us everything?

“Your Words say that you will comfort us during our time of need. We ask you to keep this promise. Not that my grieving friend will not be able to grieve anymore or miss the name of the deceasedand name], but rather that in her grief, she will be at peace by your kindness. If you are able to give it and we know that you’ve promised to honor that promise and we are sure that the peace you offer is genuine, real, and certain.

“Please comfort. Please offer hope. You can wrap the arms of my precious sibling today while she grieves. Let her share in the kindness, love and comfort only you can give.”

5. Psalm 23

Scripture one of the most beloved and comforting parts of the Bible You can simply prayerfully go through Psalm 23. Inform your friend in grief, “I’d like to just pray through Psalm 23 for you. Are you willing to join me and create this into the one you want to be?” Then begin praying similar to this:

“Father in heaven Your Word is enough to satisfy all our needs. In this moment, my dear friend is in need of some comfort. This is our prayer: let these principles become real within our daily lives.

“The Lord is my shepherd I’ll never run out.
He makes me lay down on the grass in green pastures.
He guides me along still waters.
He has restored my soul.
He directs me on ways of righteousness
to honor his name.

“Even even though I traverse the valley of shadows of death,”
I will not be afraid of anything,
because you are my friend;
Your rod and staff,
They are my comfort.

“You set up a table in front of me
in my presence with my enemies
I’ll be smooched with oil.
my cup fills up.
I am sure that goodness and mercy will be my companions
throughout my life
and I’ll be in the dwelling place of the Lord

6. Prayer of Compassion

Scripture: The Lord will not sever forever, butif the Lord causes grief but he will be compassionate due to the abundance of his love for his faithful. – Lamentations 3:31-32

“Lord Lord, I thank you for your compassion towards us. Your Word declares the compassion you show is due to the magnitude of your unwavering love. You were so devoted to us so much that you gave your sole Son to die on our behalf to pay for our sins to make sure that we, through trust in Jesus’ name could live in your presence. That’s a lot love!

“So If your love for us is this incredible that we could be certain that your love for us is equally wonderful, no matter how we’re going through. If my friend grieves and perhaps feels as if you’ve taken him away I’m asking that you listen to his scream. *

*Exodus 22:27 “And if he cries to me, I will hear, for I am compassionate.”

7. Prayer of Blessing

Scripture God’s Word: The Lord bless and protect you. Let the Lord show his face shine on you and be kind to you. Let the Lord show his glory on you and grant you peace. – Numbers 6:24-26

“O God, you are the God of blessings. According to what Paul stated”you have blessed our lives through Christ by blessing us with all spiritual gifts in the heavens. * I pray that the blessings mentioned in these verses will be applicable to my friend.

“In her sorrow May you be a blessing and protect her. When she grieves, you allow your eyes to shine over her and show kindness to her. When she is in pain, you cast your gaze on her and grant her peace.”

*Ephesians 1:3

8. Condolence Prayer

Scripture The Bible says that Jesus is able to heal the brokenhearted and seals the wounds of their victims. – Psalm 147:3

“Dear God of our lives, we’ve commanded us to be joyful with those who are joyful and weep with those who cry. Today , we’re here to mourn the last. Our sister in Christ is brokenhearted over the death of her [husband/mother/friend/etc], and our hearts break with hers. As members of the body of Christ – your church is wounded over grieving the death of a loved member.

“So we all weep. Jesus himself wept when he died and it’s not a shame. It is appropriate to mourn and grieve, and feel sorrow when someone close to you dies. We pray to God Father to be with us throughout the time we grieve. We ask you to show us your special grace in our efforts to console one another through the faith we are able to have from the resurrection Jesus.

“And Please be there for [name of the grieving person’sin her hour of necessity. Help her heal her broken heart as she grieves. Wrap her in your love until the loss is transformed into a desire to be with her loved one once more, in your perfect timingand with your presence. We request that you help and comfort our sister, help her strengthen her faith in the midst of sorrow and aid everyone else to be there for her during this difficult moment.”

9. My Grace is Sufficient for You

Scripture God’s grace is sufficient for you, since my power is perfect in my weakness. – 2 Corinthians 12:9

“O God of all sufficient grace, we seek you in this moment of grief. You ask us to come to you in times of need, for you will be there to answer and deliver to us in order that we may praise you. From our point of view we will not be able to be able to see how this loss and this sorrow honors you.

“But we appeal to you to obey and believe. Your grace is sufficient for my friend who is grieving. Your power will be demonstrated to be unfailing in this moment of grief and vulnerability. Provide healing, peace and peace. Bring your love. You’ve promised that your grace is sufficient to meet whatever the need be.

“Hear our prayer as the need is huge. If we’re fragile, God is powerful. God’s glory will be reflected in our lives , as we mourn, but continue to keep faith. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

*Psalm 50:15

10. Prayer of Trust in the Midst of Grief

Scripture Scripture Lord is an ally for the poor, a stronghold during times of need. The people who are familiar with your name put their trust in you for you, Lord, have never abandoned the ones who seek your help. – Psalm 9:9-10

“Our Father in Heaven We are to you, weighed down by sadness. I am grieving with my friend during this devastating loss. I’m aware that the way she feels is that, as Psalm 9 talks about, she’s feeling repressed and abandoned, engulfed in turmoil and in need of an anchor.

“You are the stronghold. God, you are a stronghold for those who are poor and oppressed. You are not averse to those who look to for you. Today, we are all filled with sadness and middle of this calamity we look to you. You are a sturdy tower, we are aware of it and we put our faith in your name.

“Be our the stronghold. Save my friend from despair, protect her from oppression, and grant her peace in the midst her pain. Thank you for being her protection, her solid tower and her solid foundation. We bring these challenges before you with faith and we trust you to defend and save us.”

11. Sorrow and Sighing Shall Flee

Biblical text: The runsomed Lord will return to Zion with a chorus of singing. Everlasting joy will be on their heads. They’ll enjoy joy and happiness but the sighing and sorrow will fade away. “I, I am he who comforts you.” — Isaiah 51:11-12

“O God, We believe that you have a hand supreme over everything. It is you who decides our destiny from the beginning in addition, it’s your hand that determines the course of our days. Yet, it’s you who comforts us through our problems.

“You made us promise that the people you ransomed returned to you in joyful singing, and with a constant sense of happiness and joy. You said that in the future sadness and sighing would go away. Through Christ we have a true and fervent belief that that day will arrive. One day, everything are going to be renewed and we’ll be happy to be with you forever.

“Until then, there’s an occasion to be grieving to be sad, to cry, and to cry. That’s the moment. My friend is grieving Please show yourself as the Comforter. You have said that I am the one who soothes you. Therefore, we pray to you and ask you to honor the promise you made to us. Be present, share your faith, and provide comfort. This is by the grace of Jesus amen.”

12. Benediction Prayer

Scripture The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the communion with the Holy Spirit be with you all the time. – 2 Corinthians 13:14

“O Lord God, we raise our dear ones before you and ask you to assist them in an appropriate manner as they grieve the loss of their beloved loved ones.

“May you shower these with the power of Jesus Christ, our Savior Jesus Christ, so that they may be deeply grieved but with faith. Let them experience the unconditional love of God so in order that their souls will be protected by your loving arms. Also, may you embrace them in the comfort of the Holy Spirit of God, so and let their loneliness be diminished when your body, the church and your Spirit serve them and help them through this dark hour.”

13. He Will Wipe Away Every Tear

Scripture God will wipe all tears from their eyes. Then death will be gone forever nor will there be crying, mourning and pain any more since the previous things have gone away. – Revelation 21:4

“Father We pray for all who have experienced the loss of someone whom they hold dear to their heart. The tears are numerous because death is a powerful enemy and the crushing realities of life.

“Yet through the cross through the death as well as the resurrection of Christ death was defeated. We can trust you that in the next day, you will wipe every tear away out of our eyes. There will be no sorrow or crying, and neither will there be sorrow, because everything will go by in your eternal presence.

“Today we ask you to give us an example of that wonderful comfort. Help those in mourning with the power Your Holy Spirit by bringing them God’s Word’s promise and with the compassion from your beloved people.

“We do for this prayer in honor of Jesus our Savior and Lord In whom all the promises of God are fulfilled. * Amen.”

*2 Corinthians 1:20

Prayer for a Grieving Friend or Loved One

These prayers give suggestions on how you can pray for your friend who is grieving or loved one during the week, while you are able to engage in regular prayers, or whenever the person you cherish arises in your thoughts.

Print or type out versions of the prayer and keep them within the pages of your Bible or in your prayer book. They can be pinned on the mirror of your bathroom on the inside of your car, close to the sink in your kitchen and so on. As a reminder to pray for your friend who is grieving.

Feel free to modify the phrases to include the loved one’s name and the unique circumstance.

14. Prayer for Those Who Mourn

God’s Word: Blessed are the ones who mourn, because they will be at peace. – Matthew 5:4

“Bless those who mourn, O Lord, and fulfill the promise of your Word that they would be comforted.”

15. Prayer for the Lord to Hear Our Cries

Bible: Then you shall be calling for help and the Lord will respond; you will yell and he will declare, “Here I am.”– Isaiah 28:9

“Father I offer prayers for my friend in pain that is sorrowing to God in pain and sadness. I beg you to respond and say, ‘Here I am. You’re an oasis from the storm, and an anchor for poor and oppressed. Your wings provide a secure and shielding shelter. Your presence is healing, restores and reveals to us the way of life.

“Thank you for your attention to our cry. You don’t just listen, but you also respond with such grace and compassion. Be in your healing, soothing presence to my friend who is grieving will feel peace happiness, joy, and unconditional love.”

16. Sorrow Turned to Joy

Scripture: Truly I am telling you that you’ll cry and mourn while the world will be filled with joy. It will be a time of sorrow however, your grief will be transformed into happiness. – John 16:20

“O Lord of the Universe Today I weep and mourn as I grieve for my beloved one. You recognize that in this world, there will feel sorrow, but you swear that this sadness can be transformed into joy.

“Right now, I definitely do not feel like that. Yet I believe – help my unbelief! To celebrate my joy, you’ve sent the Comforter to me right now. To my delight You sent the Lord to weep, cry and to be a victim in my place, so in order that I could rejoice. If I cry at night, please give me joy when I wake up.

“Let me relax in the thoughts of your love, the pardon granted for sin to me through trust in the work of Christ, the adoption to your family and right to Heaven, my heavenly undefiled (and unhurried!) state.

“There is no greater joy than heaven’s joy. O healthy place, where no one is sick! O blessed place, in which all people live completely unto the Lord! In this moment of grief and grief, please grant me a deep desire for heaven and a holy remorse for things that are not of this world and a deep satisfaction and joy in Christ.

“And bring me speedily to that land where my sorrow is turned to joy.”

Note: Certain phrases are adapted from Valley of Vision, “Joy.”

17. Prayer for Waiting

Scripture Scripture Lord is gracious to those who seek him out for the soul that is seeking his help. It is a good thing that one must wait patiently to be saved by the Lord. – Lamentations 3:25-26

“O God of my salvation My heart cries out to you while I’m in a deep time of sorrow. What time will this sorrow end? What will it take to be at peace again? I’m not ready to forget my loved ones however at the same time , I am unable to bear this burden of sorrow for a long time.

“So I am here to you and request that you can rekindle my courage. Help me to find my courage and help me trust in you while I wait for your mercy. Keep me from suffering and allow me to be awed by you again, and also be capable of lovingly remembering my beloved.

“Your Word says it is best for me to look after you and keep waiting for you with peace of mind. Help me to follow this, and grant me the courage to persevere in this season of waiting. Help me grow in faith, trusting in you for everything. And I want to know more of your love and unwavering love.”

18. Prayer for Comfort

Scripture The Bible says: This is my hope in the midst of my suffering, that your promises give me the strength to live. – Psalm 119:50

“Your promises are filled with life. When my friend grieves her death, what she wants most of all is your abundance of life. Offer comfort to her in her suffering by encouraging her to reflect on your promises to her:

“Peace I am leaving with you, my peace I grant to you. I will not give you what the world offers. Don’t let your heart be troubled, and don’t be worried. (John 14:27)

“And God’s peace God that transcends any understanding, will protect your thoughts and your hearts through Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:7)

“He is able to heal the brokenhearted and stitches their wounds. (Psalm 147:3)

“These are only a few of the many life-giving promises which are in Christ. Make her these precious and tremendous promises, and offer her your peace today. In Christ’s name , I ask this amen.”

19. Prayer for Grace to Endure

Scripture: It is a good thing when, in the presence of God the person suffers pain even when suffering unfairly. – 1 Peter 2:19

“O godly God I ask you to allow my friend to endure in the midst of this immense grief. From a human perspective she is not entitled to feel this pain any more than any other person. Yet, please aid her to be aware of you and persevere with faith while she grieves.”

20. Prayer for Eternal Glory

Scripture: For this momentary suffering is setting up for us an eternal burden of glory that is beyond comparison when we do not pay attention at things that can be perceived, but instead towards the things unnoticed. The things that are visible are fleeting, but the things that are not seen are forever. – 2 Corinthians 4:17-18

“Lord of Eternity Lord of Eternity, today I pray for my soul’s friend who is in pain. The grief she is suffering from is deep and profound and real, but we recognize that it will pass away. Thanks to Christ’s resurrection Christ and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, there will come the day that tears are wiped from your eyes when death will be swallowed by victory.

“Help her to understand that this is just a small temporary affliction compared to the eternal burden of glory to be revealed. While she is grieving, turn her gaze to Jesus.

“May you not look at things visible instead, but rather to what is not visible now, but is our forever existence. Concentrate her thoughts on things that are above to have peace and joy amid this sorrow.”

21. Prayer for Submission to the Lord in Life and Death

Scripture: If one lives, they live for the Lord If we die, then we pass away before the Lord. Thus, regardless of whether we live or we die we are God’s. — Romans 14:8

“O Lord, both life and death lie in your hands. Our beloved loved one who passed away is in your grasp as my bereaved friend. No matter if we live or die we are yours.

“I present myself before you today to ask to help me friend surrender to your divine hand in both life and death. We didn’t want to experience this loss and grief however, in your perfect plan, you’ve permitted this loss and brought our loved ones to you. You’ve also asked us to keep on living within this world. Therefore, please assist my friend to live in faith each breath counted as a blessing, and looking at the prospect of being together with you someday but also living life completely for the glory of God.

“Take the tears, griefs and sadness. Be a bearer to help my friend develop faith, love and peace, even through this difficult time. Give a gentle yoke, the light burden, and a grieving that truly turns into joy with your kind and gentle hand.”

22. Prayer for Strength

Scripture: Be not afraid because God is with you. Be not afraid because God is your God I will help me, I’ll support you, I will support me with my powerful hand. – Isaiah 41:10

“O God, you are the God of all strength and of all faith. This is a sure promise and I beg it be true for my friend who is grieving.

“Help him not to be afraid in the knowledge that you are there with him. Eliminate his astonishment by letting him know the fact that God is his God. Grant the strength and comfort he needs during the sorrow of sorrow. Keep him by your hands.

“I request for this through the Name Jesus Christ. Jesus and in line to Your Word. Amen.”

23. Prayer for Hope

Scripture: The unwavering devotion of the Lord is never ending His mercy never comes to an end. They come every day Your faithfulness is remarkable. “The Lord is my portion,” declares my heart, “therefore I will hope in him.” — Lamentations 3:22-24

“Father My friend is in mourning today. A wonderful love has disappeared from her life. I pray that your unwavering love be faithful to her.

“As she grieves and grieves, show mercy each day. While her heart swells in grief, demonstrate your faith. While she mourns at the loss of one precious part of her, become your part of her and her faith.”

24. Prayer for Those Who Grieve

Scripture: Pay attention to me and my words Lord; listen to my grumbling. Pay your attention to the sound of my cries, to my King, and my God because to you I ask. – Psalm 5:1-2

This prayer is an adaptation of William Jay, Prayers for the Utilization of Families.

“My God and King, my God Help me to feel the connections that connect me to the other members of your body. Today, I stand before you in behalf of all those who are grieving. Through prayer, sympathy and praise, I will make their sufferings and blessings my own, so that I can rejoice with those who are joyful and cry with those who cry.

“Make the heart of the widow be filled with joy and in you, let the fatherless feel mercy. Take care of those who are suffering from illness and make them ready for your enjoyment: should they survive it will be to help you. And if they pass away, it could be for them to be a pleasure to you.

“Protect and keep your people healthy throughout the winter season and make us aware of your kindness at the dawn. Because in you we believe; help us be aware of the direction we must be, as we offer our souls toward you.”

25. Prayer for Grieving Friend

Scripture The Bible says: And my God will meet each need according to his riches in glory through Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:19

“O God who abundantly supplies every need, I stand before you in behalf of my friend who is grieving. In the midst of sorrow the needs are immense. In times of sorrow, bring peace. In despair, bring hope. In the midst of loneliness, give peace and comfort from your spirit. In times of sadness Bring joy and healing.

“In honor of Christ who bore our sorrows and bore our sorrows I beg you to provide for every need of my grieving friend in accordance with your riches in glory through Christ Jesus. Amen.”

Prayers for Loss of a Loved One

Here are some prayers that will aid you in your journey to the Lord when you reflect the memory, celebrate and honour the faith and life of your loved one when you grieve their loss.

These prayers come taken from the perspective that the person you loved was a Christian of Jesus Christ. Prayer #31 was written those times when the person you’re mourning wasn’t a follower of Jesus Christ.

26. Prayer of Grief, but with Hope

Scripture: We would not like you to remain ignorant about the people who are asleep, so that you will not be unable to grieve like other people who lack hope. Because believers believe Jesus died and rose from the dead in the same way, by Jesus, God will bring to him all those who are asleep. – 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14

“O God who raises the dead and has secured our eternal status by the death, life as well as the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as we believe in his work of salvation Help me mourn the passing of my dear person, not in the same way as the people who are without hope. The Bible says that my loved one who is a believer has fallen asleep and will awake on the day when you take those who believe in Jesus to you in glory.

“That is a wonderful hope. My beloved one is going to be alive again because Jesus was crucified and then rose again. My grief is not due to a loss that will last forever as those who do not have a chance of a resurrection. I am sad for my beloved and will continue to be so, and I hope for the day we be awake and meet again in your presence.”

27. Celebration of Life Prayer

The Bible Reprinted from Ephesians 1:11-31

“God Jesus Christ, the Lord of all Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, help me never stop giving my thanks to the faith example I’ve received from my deceased beloved loved one.

“As I reflect on and celebrate their lives, I offer my sadness to you through my prayers. I pray that you provide me with your Spirit of wisdom and insight into the truth of Christ. With my eyes and heart open and enlightened, help me understand what’s the goal that you have entrusted to me. Remind me of the wealth from your noble inheritance to the saints, particularly as I consider the abundant life and the deep faith of my beloved and demonstrate the incomparable amazing power of your presence to those who believe.

“Do this in accordance with the work of your powerful power that you exercised to achieve in Christ when you lifted him off the grave and set on your left side in the heavenly places and above any authority or rule and dominion and power and over any name given and not just in this time, but in the future.

“My loved ones are in your presence now, living a the most fulfilling life with you than they ever had on earth. The inheritance they have is safe through Christ and because of this I am ecstatic and give my thanks. My inheritance is also securebecause it was predestined in accordance to your purposes in all your work according to the guidance of your plan. You have secured me by the promise of Holy Spirit and are the assurance that our inheritance will be secure until the time we have ownership of it, to the glory and glory of God.

“So I can think of and honor my beloved and give thanks to me in my prayers. In all things, I think of and honor God’s mission through Jesus Christ, who has been saved from death by your power and might, and is now on your right side, with a glorious and abundant inheritance for all those who believe in him.”

28. Resurrection Prayer

The Bible says: Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. If anyone believes in me even if he dies but he will live. Anyone who is a believer in me will never be dead. Are you convinced?” – John 11:25-26

“Lord I am convinced that your resurrection has defeated death and brought the life of all those who trust in your name. Even though my dear friend was killed, yet she will live on, and in that eternal life, through faith will never truly end. I believe in this even while I mourn. I believe you are Christ God, the Godhead of God and that he is about to enter the world.

“After you said these wonderful words to Martha and then you visited the tomb of your dear friend, and you wept. Therefore, I am sure that here today, alongside me, you cry along with me. Nothing is more powerful than the reality of the resurrection you’ve provided for us through your sacrifice on the cross But this sorrow is real, hard and raw similar to the pain you experienced when you was in the aftermath of the passing of your friend.

“And just as You raised Lazarus to life, I believe that you will raise my loved one from death also, my beloved one be raised from the dead. By trust in you, those who believe in you will remain alive and never pass away. Thank you for the faith that you have offered us through your Gospel.”

29. Nothing can separate us from God’s Love. God

Scripture The Bible says: I am certain that neither life nor death or rulers, angels or rulers or things that are present or the future, neither the power of 39, nor height nor depth, or anything else in all the creation can ever be able to keep us from the God’s love for us through God through Christ Jesus Christ our Lord. – Romans 8:38-39

“O God, the great God I know that there is nothing that could separate our hearts from the unconditional love that you offer our souls in Christ. It’s not this moment of sorrow or the fragility that our bodies are in, and not even death or life. The love you have for us lasts across all circumstances. I can rest assured that my beloved person is safe in your love through trust through Jesus Christ. I can be sad knowing that through all of my experiences and trials, you are with me to this day.”

30. Prayer for Renewed Joy

Scripture: Weeping might last throughout the night, however, joy is found in the morning. – Psalm 30:5

“O LORD, I am so sorry that you have stolen my joy away from me. My most beloved friend has passed away from this life and I’m left with sadness and grief with no answers to my questions emptyness and loneliness. My tears pour out for sadness. I don’t think I’ll see any signs of healing or joy anytime in the near future. I’m not sure I would like feeling happy again. In some way, it’s not right in backdrop of the tragic events of death.

“Yet your Word tells us to believe in hope. It is my belief that the devil is overcome in Christ (though I don’t have the feeling of victory right now). I believe that God has plans and a goal for everything (though I don’t know the reason why this would be a loss). It is my belief that through Christ you bore our sorrows as well as sorrows and griefs (though I certainly feel heavy-laden this moment). Please help me in this. God who is Helpful, help me and strengthen me.

“Your assurance is that weeping might last through some time, yet happiness will be found at the dawn. I’m not sure what time this night will be, but I trust that you have spoken to me – help me in my faithlessness! Hold my heart through this grief and pain and guide me out of the shadow of death to streams of living water to a place of tranquility and hope, love, and even happiness. As I grieve the loss of my beloved family member, guide me look forward to the beginning of a brand new day with Christ.”

31. Prayer at the Loss of a Loved One Who Was Not a Believer

Scripture Bible: the years we live in our lives are seventy years, or due to strength, eighty however their length is merely toil and trouble and soon they’re gone, and we’re flying off. Who can judge the strength of your anger and the wrath of your heart according to the fear you have for yourself? We must learn to count our days so that we can gain a heart of wisdom. – Psalm 90:10-12

“You have sorrow now, but I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy from you.” — John 16:22

“O Lord I am deeply sad by the loss of a loved ones. I cherish and miss them and am deeply sad about their passing and disappearance of my existence. I am also grieving for the fact that, since I didn’t repent of sin and believe in Christ I am not able to see them with you. This is a great sorrow, a devastating loss, and a constant weight on my heart.

“Our existence on earth is to be so short. In the course of my life, which will soon be over How often do I take the time to contemplate your splendor, glory, majesty power, wrath and power? The truth is the souls of our loved ones are placed in your care Our lives are responsible to you for each act and thought, and you are in the process of preparing an eternal burden of glory’ for those who believe on you even through our pain. Therefore, teach me to count my days, so that I can develop a heart that is wise. Help me develop in the midst of this sadness.

“I am content in the knowledge that someday you will be able to make everything right and be proven to be completely righteous, honest and righteous. When that day comes, my heart will be filled with joy that no person can ever remove. As for now Lord, allow this sorrow to strengthen my desire to go to heaven, to fulfill what you will to glorify you in this life and to be able to see you face-to-face to make my joy abundant.”

Additional verses to reflect on and pray about the death of unbelievers:

Genesis 18:25 / Revelation 21:4 / John 14:1-6 / Psalm 144:3-4 / Psalm 103 / Psalm 90:1-3, 9-12

32. Prayer for Loss of Mother

Scripture: What is precious before the eyes of God the Lord is the demise of His saints. – Psalm 116:15

“Father who is in Heaven, I’m saddened by the loss of my mother. She is a treasured part of my heart and it’s so heartwarming to know that she is dear to you. Thank you for the trust she placed in you throughout her life. Bring her to the position you’ve made in her place as an adopted daughter covered by the righteousness of Christ.

“You were kind to us, protecting the simple while listening to our crying. I am afflicted by this sadness; save me from this, in your amazing mercy! Help me believe and to thank you, and to pray, to live my life in a way that is influenced by my faith-based example my mother gave me.”

33. Prayer for Loss of Father

Scripture: I’ve been fighting the good fight and I have won the race, and I’ve maintained my faith. From now on, there will be laid my crown, the righteousness crown that the Lord is the just judge, will bestow to me at that time and not just to me, but to all those who have adored the Lord’s appearance. – 2 Timothy 4:7-8

“Heavenly Father, I am grateful to you for my dad’s life. He fought for his cause and he won his race and maintained the faith. You’ve laid out for him an oath of righteousness not due to the merits of his own, but because he adored the appearance of Christ who has all merit and to whom we place our trust in to be our righteousness and redemption along with eternal eternality.

“Teach me, Lord, to follow the way set by my father. to trust in you over all, to be awed by your word, and to serve others, and to nurture children under the care and counsel of the Lord and to hold the faith to the end. This is the kind of life I’d like lead, Father, to your glory.

“So Thank you so much for the love of my father. I am saddened by his passing and look up at you with hope, believing that one day we will meet again before you with all the pain and grief behind us, filled with life and perfected in worship to you.

“Until that day, help me to walk in faith, fight the good fight, and finish the race myself, walking in the footsteps of my dad’s example of faith, and, best of all, in the footsteps of my Savior.”

34. Prayer for Loss of a Beloved Relative

Scripture We are God’s children right now and the future we’ll be is not yet known but we know that when God appears, we will be just similar to him because we will see him as the person he is. – 1 John 3:2

“O God, Lord! I am grateful to God for my precious friend. As a fervent child of God I believe that we will meet again, having been made to look like Jesus and eternally in the presence of God. This is an amazing hope that brings comfort during these times of sorrow.

“I am bringing my sorrow before You Lord, and place it before you. Help me grow and heal and a new sense of your presence even in my grief. Help me keep my loved ones in mind with joy, and walk in their faith and devotion to You.”

35. Prayer for Loss of a Child

Bible:Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14. Matthew 19:14

It is you who illuminate my lamp and the Lord my God illuminates my darkness. – Psalm 18:28

“O Lord In the darkest locations, you will bring the light. When I am grieving my sweet baby offer hope, healing and peace. When I think of you, fill my mind with beautiful memories, and sweet thoughts of your loving care. When I turn at you with faith, show me more of the glory of Jesus.

“You have said to me, that the children should visit you because they are the ones who will inherit the heaven’s kingdom. I am grateful that your arms are wide and open for my child.”

36. Prayer for Miscarriage

Scripture: Be awestruck by God the Lord and with your whole heart and don’t lean on your own wisdom. In all your decisions, trust in him, and he will straighten your path. – Proverbs 3:5-6

“O God of all compassion Our loyal Shepherd and strong refuge I am so broken by losing this tiny one I didn’t get to meet. My heart is broken and I am unable to comprehend the reason behind this.

“Help me, Lord, not to rely on my own knowledge, but to trust in your Word with all my heart. Help me to not be bitter toward you, instead, but to be awed by your curse, sin that causes all the brokenness that is in the world. Keep my course clear, to ensure that I don’t remain in those false gods like anger, self-reliance, but seek you out, believing that you are waiting for me and you are inviting me to accept my request and let my burdens fall upon you.

“O Lord There are no words for the pain I am feeling right now. You are aware of my pain and my heart’s desires. I trust you in the hope that you will be there for me, because what else can I do? You are a blessing to mourners You wipe our tears away and you light a candle in the dark. Now, I am grieving I cry, and I’m lost. What I am able to do now is go to you and ask you bless and heal me and provide comfort.”

37. Prayer for Loss of a Spouse

The Bible: Have you not heard of it? Did you not know? That the Lord is the eternal God He is the creator of all the world’s ends. He doesn’t faint or become tired His knowledge is unsearchable. He is able to help those who are weak, and for the weak He increases the strength of those who lack it. Even young people will feel tired and weak young men will get tired; however, those who are waiting for the Lord will regain their strength. They’ll rise up like eagles. They’ll be able to run and not get tired They will walk without fainting. – Isaiah 40:28-31

“My grieving is overwhelming God of the universe. You know how much am in love with my wife. You are aware of the deepest part of my soul My soul is devoid of peace. I’ve lost sight of what happiness means. My strength has waned and so is my hope from you. *

“But this thought I have in your mind, and I therefore be hopeful: Your unwavering love never ends. Even through this loss, your mercy never comes in a halt. Let them be new to me, and let me know your faithfulness, and be my part and my hope. **

“I have exhausted myself, however you’ve stated that while I wait on the Lord, You will provide strength. Lord, you possess vast innumerable reserves of wisdom and strength. peace and affection. I beg you to give me your comfort and power. I’m not sure how to live without my beloved. So , please be here with me and wrap your arms around me with love, guide me and help me.

“In the midst of this sorrow, I put my trust in you.”

*Lamentations 3:17-18
**Lamentations 3:21-24

38. Prayer for Loss of a Friend

Scripture says: He will swallow death forever. The Lord God can wipe tears from every face and the shame of his people will he erase from the earth because the Lord has declared. – Isaiah 25:8

“O Lord I will exalt you and praise you, because you have accomplished wonderful things. My friend was your gift to me; their life was just one of the many great things you’ve done. And for the privilege of having known you, I am grateful and thankful to for your kindness.

“Yet I mourn for the fact that death can be tragic. It’s a sign of how broken our world is and in desperate need of your help. My dear friend is in your hands I trust you. I am grateful that they have known Jesus However, I’m still hurt and grieving. I am waiting for the restoration of everything, for the day that we won’t be able to grieve anymore instead, but celebrate with a lavish celebration in your presence that is that is full of delicious wines and delicious food.

“One day, you will take away the veil that covers all peoples and we will be able to see clearly your motives and your glory. You will swallow death for ever, wipe away our tears and wipe all displeasure and disappointment and replace it with happiness and joy over your salvation.

“So today, I think of my friend, grieve for their losses, and turn at you with hope for the promise of a complete restoration of everything. I lay my burdens to Jesus who is the one who bears our sorrows and pains and I place my faith in Jesus, the One who has defeated death for all time. To the day we will meet face-to-face I will walk in faith. Increase my faith in God, Father, and be honored in my life just in the same way you were honored in the lives of my beloved friend. In Jesus’ name, I pray for you, Amen.”

Grief Prayers

These prayers provide words to describe what you’re feeling within, and also ask for the healing and renewal in your soul.

39. Prayer of Sorrow

Scripture: Slightly adapted from Psalm 88. We encourage readers to read and to pray through the entire text. What is a more powerful prayer to share your sorrow through God’s own words?

God of my salvation, God who has saved me,
I cry all day and night to you.
Let my prayer be heard by you;
You can incline your ears to my cries!

My soul is full of problems,
and my life is moving closer to the world of death.
I am among the ones who descend into the pit.
I am one of those who does not have strength.
as one who is let loose in the grave,
Like the slain, who lay in the grave
Like the ones you’ve been able to remember but no longer
because they are cut from your hands.

I’m in the pit of despair,
in the dark regions and deep.
Your wrath is heavy upon me,
You overpower me with your waves.

I am locked in such that I am unable to get out;
My eye is dimmed by my sadness.
Everyday I pray to God, my Lord;
I’m extending my arms to your.

40. Prayer to Express Your Grief

Scripture: Please be gracious to me, Lord, because I am suffering My eyes are swollen by grief; my body and soul too. Because my life is filled with sadness and my days are filled in the sound of sighing. – Psalm 31:9-10

“O Lord, be with me while I mourn. I am in distress. My eyes are drained of tears, grief or being exhausted. My body and my soul are feeling sunk. It feels like my whole existence is over, sunk by the passing of my loved ones and in the depths of my grief. I imagine the future and only imagine more pain and crying.

“But I trust your faith. Although my emotions get churned by grief and grief, I declare to you that I am your God and my circumstances are in your hands. Rescue me! I do not wish to forget my loved ones or let my pain go unanswered However, I would like to ask amid this you let your presence known to me, and protect me with your unwavering love!

“The Psalm says that ‘you heard my pleas to God for mercy as I cried out to you for assistance. I am mourning, I’m sad, and a waste of time and money. Bring me strength, courage and optimism while I wait for you.”

41. Prayer for Help in Time of Loss

Scripture: I turn my eyes towards the hills. From where is my help coming from? My assistance is from the Lord who created both earth and heaven. – Psalm 121:1-2

“O God, We pray to You during our times of grief. We ask You to grant to us strength and courage to carry this burden of grief until we feel again the warmth and warmth of Your unconditional love.

“Be aware of us and show mercy on us as we attempt to cope with the difficulties of life. Be with us always under Your watch until we walk with a smile and renewed spirits.”

Author unidentified

42. Prayer for Anxiety

Scripture: Throw all your worries upon him, as he will care for you. – 1 Peter 5:7

“O God, My life has been turned upside-down. I’m distressed, restless, sad, lonely. I’m suffering from anxiety, sadness and fear over losing my beloved one.

“Your word assures you that, after you’ve endured a small time and have suffered a little, God, the God in all mercy, who invited you to eternal glory through Christ will restore, strengthen, and confirm and secure you.*

“That’s my wish Lord. While I’m not ever going not to be able to remember the memories of my dear one, at the moment I am sad and broken and long for healing recovery, strength, and healing. You stated that you’d give these things, therefore, I’m asking you to provide it.

“So I put my worries and worries on you. I am sure that you are there for me. I’m invited to your throne and you’ve promised me that the burden you carry is light and light. I also know that I’ll find peace for my soul in your care. I approach you with faith, trusting in your Word, and placing my burdens upon your shoulders.

“Be glorified in my mourning, as I miss my loved one but look to you in hope.”

*1 Peter 5:10
** Matthew 11:28-30

43. Prayer for Consolation

The Bible says: When I was thinking, “My foot slips,” your loving and unwavering devotion God was there to hold me up. When the worries that I have for my soul are numerous and my heart is aching, your comforts lift my spirit. – Psalm 94:18-19

This prayer is an adaptation of William Jay, Prayers for the Utilization of Families.

“You are a most blessed and joyful God. My feet slide and the worries from my mind are numerous however your unwavering love is my strength and you are able to lift my spirit with your words of encouragement all the time.

“Teach me to find my happiness in your. Do I seek the brightness of your eyes, feel the joy in your salvation and in all situations be able to say “Who am I in heaven, but you? there’s no one else on earth I would rather be than you.”*

“You have been extremely attuned to my happiness than I’ve ever been. You made the world incredibly joyful and free from the wrath of death, yet due to our own choice, we lost touch with you the source of our joy and happiness and comfort. However, you didn’t give us the ugliness or disrespect we merited. Instead, out of your kindness you were happy to give us a Savior who bore our sorrows and endured our pain, and wiped away sin through his own sacrifice.

“Apply this salvation in my soul. Make me sanctified and justify me before you, the source of all joy and happiness. I confess my sins I am sorry for my sins – please forgive me. I’m heavy-laden, take me off my burdens. I’m naive – help me to be wise in my journey to salvation. I am in a state of despair to make your strength stronger in my weak spots. I am poor and in need I need your blessings with the infinite wealth of Christ. I need your help to run and not get tired or walk, and to not become weak.

“And through this perplexity and trial, guide me to travel on, unchecked and undismayed, knowing that you have said, ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you.’ In Jesus’ name, amen.”

*Psalm 73:25

44. Prayer for Grief and Sadness

Biblically: It’s more beneficial to be in the house of mourning, rather than to the feasting house because this is the finality for all humanity and those who live will take it on their hearts. Sadness is better than laughter because through sadness on the face, the heart is filled with joy. – Ecclesiastes 7:2-3

Notification: Dear mourner, I think this Scripture passage refers to how loss can make the mourners (the living) contemplate our final days to “lay it to heart.” When loved ones pass away this can trigger us to consider the significance and the purpose of the world. “Sorrow is better than laughter,” not because sadness is objectively positive, but because the motive behind mourning is for our benefit to be like Jesus.

If we accept the reality that we all die and be awed by the Lord in the future, it will alter the way life is lived to the better. This is the way that the heart feels awed through sadness of the face, and that’s exactly the reason for this prayer.

“O Lord when I consider the loss of my beloved one, I am devastated. My heart is aching and grieving because I love them so much. While I am convinced that you’re in control, and that you are my love but I’m not always feeling this way at the moment.

“Your word says that this time of loss and sorrow is good for me. It is my hope that somehow, through all of this my soul will content. I’m not sure how far in the future and certainly am not feeling happy however, I’ll decide to believe in you.

“Please utilize my pain for your glory. Help me count my days, and to think on the meaning of my life; and to recognize that my existence is but an ephemeral shadow (Ps. 144:4). Help me lay these things on my heart to be able to be able to remember and cherish the times I spent with my beloved one, and that I could become closer to you while you walk alongside me through this difficult time and gain faith and determination in my life throughout my time in the home of mourning.”

45. Prayer for Strength When Grieving

Words: My heart is melted away in sorrow; help me in accordance with your word! – Psalm 119:28

“O eternal Word whom is the lamp for my feet , and the light to my path, I am before you, begging for courage. I am grieving as is my soul weighted by grief. The fatigue is deep in my bones and into my head. Sometimes, I’m unable to focus, and I’m not willing to take on the issues that are happening around me. I’m afraid to wake up, but I’m unable to sleep. My soul is destroyed by my grief.

“Help me”, O God of all mercy and peace. I am in the dust. Protect my life as per your Word! Remember your precious and wonderful promises. *Give my mind the clarity I need to concentrate on the words on the page. Give me the ability to contemplate Scripture during the course of my day. gain the strength and courage that you offer.

“Hear my mourning cry: Strengthen me according to your Word!”

*Psalm 119:25
**2 Peter 1:4

46. How Long, O Lord?

Scripture What will you do, Lord? Do you want to forget me for ever? How long do you want to hide the face of me? How long do I have to be a slave to my heart and be a burden on my heart for the rest of the time? – Psalm 13:1-2

“Lord In this time of sorrow, it appears that you have lost sight of me. I am afraid that you have shut your eyes from me and that I have no resolution to my sorrow and suffering. From my point of view, it seems that my adversary death has prevailed.

“Consider and reply to me O God of my God. Illuminate my eyeslest also fall asleep in the death sleep and let my faith shake.

“But I’ve sworn to your faithful love. My heart will rejoice at your salvation. I pray that you will show me how generously you dealt with me, how wonderful your unwavering love has been for me, and how secure my salvation through Christ. Increase my faith so that I can once more be a singer to you.”

47. Prayer of Longing for Heaven

Scripture: In this enclosure [i.e. the body], we grumble wanting to enter our heavenly home… we’d prefer to get away from the body and in the presence of our Lord. When we’re at home or in another location we set our goal to please God. – 2 Corinthians 5:2, 8-9

“Lord Lord, I am forced to confess that I am a bit agitated and unhappy. I’m missing my loved ones. There are times when I would like to be in heaven as well. I’m sure that longing for heaven is a positive thing therefore, please keep my focus on the things that are above which is where Christ is.

“Yet aid me to be content and joyful as I live in this life. I weep, I cry I want to be on the heavenly home But I also wish to keep your promise as I live here. Lord, my goal is pleasing you. Give me peace, as I continue to grieve my dear one who has passed away. Help me live my life in the manner that my actions and thoughts are pleasing to you even as I yearn for you to join me and to be together with my beloved one.

“Use my pain to your advantage. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

48. Prayer for Healing After a Loss

Scripture says: To all mourners in Israel God will give the crown of beauty in exchange for the ashes of their souls, a joyful blessing instead of sorrow, a joyful worship instead of turmoil. In their righteousness they will be like the oaks of great stature in the midst of the mighty oaks that the Lord has planted to show his glory. – Isaiah 61:3 (NLT)

This prayer was an inspiration from the Valley of Vision.

“O amazing I am, fill my thoughts by thoughts about your goodness. Because you are a Being who sees one day like a thousand years and a thousand years just one day. You are the great God who, in the midst of our sorrow at the end of time, is not afflicted by uncertainty, but is eternal in eternality.

“May I be content that when we on earth suffer death but the Lord is alive. While all that is created are broken water reeds and empty cisterns dying flowers and withering grass God remains his name. He is the Rock of Ages, the Fountain of Living Waters.

“So change my heart away towards self-centeredness, vanity from unsatisfactions and the uncertainties of my present stateto an everlasting passion for Christ. You’ve promised the crown of glory to replace ashes; a joyous blessings instead of mourning and joyful praise in place of despair. In all this, I will keep in mind that life is brief and unpredictably unpredictable, and just a chance for you to use it to your own glory.

“Give me a holy hunger to redeem the time, to be awakened for every call to charity and righteousness, that I may feed the hungry, clothe the naked, instruct the ignorant, forgive the offender, spread the gospel, and show neighborly love to all.”

49. When My Heart is Faint

Scripture”Hear my cries God, O God take note of my prayer. From to the very end of the earth I call you at times when my heart feels thin. Take me towards the rock greater than me. – Psalm 61:1-2

“Today Lord my heart is a little weak. I’m tired and worn out and lonely and sad. I believe that I am in the middle of the bottom of the world I am far from everyone and everybody. I’m lost and despairing.

“So I cries out to you. Listen to me pray as your Word says I pray to you whenever my heart feels weak. I am tired and with. I’m not sure what I should say or how to convey the feeling other than to state that I would like to get to the top of the Rock which is higher than me.

“Let me find refuge in the safety of your wings! This, the disorienting mixture of sadness and emptyness and turmoil, I lie on your shoulders. Take me to a place wherein I will continue to sing your praises. You are my rock. sanctuary My strong tower.”

50. The Man of Sorrows

The Bible says that he was snubbed and resented by the people who were afflicted with sorrow and afflicted by grief; and for being a person from whom people cover their faces, they resented him and revered not. He surely has endured our pains and sadness, but we still regard the man who was afflicted, wounded by God and beset. He was wounded by our sins, He was crushed because of our sins; upon his body was the chastisement which brought us peace and by his wounds we have been healed. – Isaiah 53:3-5

“O God, You are a friend to me better than anyone else. You’ve been rejected and ridiculed as a man who is afflicted with sorrow who is afflicted with the pain of grief. You’ve been through how it feels to have people belittle you and conceal their faces from your sight.

“In my iniquity, I’ve committed this sin to you. Yet, while we were being sinful, Christ died for us. You’ve endured my sorrows and burdens. You were touched by God and suffered. You were in my shoes You were pierced by God for my sins, you were shattered for my iniquities and then you were judged and wounded, so that I could find peace and be restored.

“Help me to cherish you today. Be my savior and make me to be strong. Do not just serve as my example but also my Lord. Develop my faith so that I am able to trust in your presence even in the face of things that don’t make sense. Recover my wounds and restore my peace. I beg for this through the Name of Jesus amen.”

What are some other ways to comfort a grieving friend?

What’s a good Bible passage for someone who lost someone they loved?

There are numerous positive Bible passages that it could be difficult to pick only a few. We’ve listed numerous scriptures in the prayers mentioned above, and below are a few of our favorite fruits.

for a notepad or card noteA short passage of Scripture that affirms the grief of others and gives the promise of comfort could include Matthew 5:4: “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

Another one could be Psalm 116:15 in which we are reminded that “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.”

To read aloud with a grieving companion
I’d recommend starting with the famous verses of Psalm 23 (“The Lord is my shepherd”), Matthew 11:28-30 (“Come to me, all of you who are tired and burdened”) and John 11 where Jesus is the one who raises Lazarus out of the grave, after having allowed to die and mourning for him.

Others to consider sharing be Psalm 31 Psalm 46 as well as 1 Corinthians 15.

To determine in the event that you’re the one who grieves
Each of these Scriptures that are mentioned above might be good to study or meditate upon, as well as pray. Utilize any verses of the prayers but especially the three scriptures from the paragraph before.

The two Psalms offer a range of emotions, from the feeling of wasting grieving and feeling like everybody is treating you in a strange way (Psalm 31) to faith that God as a refuge even though the world surrounding you is in turmoil (Psalm 46).

1. 1 Corinthians 15 verse is the theology concerning death that culminates in victory over death of Christ over death by his resurrection. Very and comforting!

These are lengthy passages intended to be studied and contemplation. I believe this is where the most reliable and most helpful advice can be located. For shorter passages to put in a notecard or to offer as condolences check out this collection of helpful Bible verses.

What are other options for you to console a mourning family member?

One of the most effective methods to soothe someone is to just be with them. There is no need or say anything. If you decide to, here are some ideas regarding what you can say and the things to avoid.

Do not treat your friend as if they are gloves for children or as if they’re a danger to break or volatile. Treat them the way you would normally do, while being aware of the things they’re experiencing at the moment.

For more ways to help and serve them, here’s an entire list of ideas to support and help your loved one.

Exist Christian grief counseling or support groups?

Absolutely. Contact your church first, and the following are two additional options:

GriefShare HTML0 Support Groups. This is a weekly support group that allows people who are grieving can share their experiences, learn and reflect, study and heal. Find a local group near your home on this page.

Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). Counselors certified by ACBC are educated to bring the wisdom of the Bible to bear on every aspect of life, whether it’s a relationship or personal problems, a desire to improve and grow the way you live, depression, bad habits, and of course, loss and grief. Find a counselor in your area by clicking here.

What are some ways to express condolences or sympathy?

Prayer with your grieving friend is a great method of showing your condolences at the passing of a dear one. If it’s not the right time to join in prayer then here are 101 condolences that are meaningful to send out at the time of funeral cards for sympathy or to send a text message to your loved one.

These are some of the tips I have learned over the years to help you pray with your loved one.

Let Scripture be your guide in what you say, claiming God’s truths.

Ask them to pray aloud in their own words, so that they can participate in the process.

Do not be afraid to speak out. A moment of reflection can lead to important insights.

Keep in touch with them to show that you care and are interested in staying connected.

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