The cause of death for Princess Margaret was unknown, but a benign lesion on her skin was suspected.

Her second marriage to David Armstrong-Jones resulted in two children: a son, Sir David, and a daughter, Lady Sarah Chatto.

In 2001, doctors removed a part of her lung. She was second in line to the throne. After the death of her first husband, she suffered a series of strokes.

Princess Margaret died in King Edward VII Hospital on February 15, 2002, after suffering a nervous breakdown in the 1970s.

After that, she underwent treatment from a psychiatrist, Mark Collins, at the Priory Clinic. In 2001, she had a series of strokes and was part-paralysed.

Her demise was accompanied by a long illness, which left her confused.

Her last days were marked by illness and a loss of spirit.

In the 1970s, Princess Margaret had a nervous breakdown. She had received therapy from a psychiatrist named Mark Collins, who worked at the Priory Clinic.

Her physical condition worsened, and she suffered a series of strokes.

In 2001, she lost her vision and became part-paralysed. This reportedly left her feeling deeply depressed.

Her condition became so severe that she eventually lost her will to live. She died of cancer on 9 February 2002.

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