Proud voltarians: All the facts you need to know about volta region

The boundaries of the new African nations are those of the old British, Belgian, French, German, and Portuguese colonies. They are essentially artificial in the sense that some of them do not correspond with any well-marked ethnic divisions.

Because of this the Ewes, like some other ethnic groups, have remained fragmented under the three different flags, just as they were divided among the three colonial powers after the Berlin Conference of 1844 that partitioned Africa.

A portion of the Ewes went to Britain, another to Germany, and a small section in Benin (Dahomey) went to France. After World War I, the League of Nations gave the Germans occupied areas to Britain and France as mandated territories.

Those who were under the British are now the Ghanaian Ewes, those under the French are Togo, and Benin (Dahomey) Ewes, respectively.

There are many different schools of thought about the origins of the Ewe tribe, with a school of thought tracing the origin as far back as an earlier settlement in Adzatome, a suburb founded by Ham, the second son of Noah in the Bible.

Proud voltarians: All the facts you need to know about volta region

Noah being the progenitor of various tribes. It is here that we learnt about the Biblical Story of the building of the tower of Babel to enable the people get close to God, see Him and pray to Him.

Followed by God’s displeasure and the resultant fall of the tower and dispersion of the people into clusters of people speaking various languages instead of the single one that first united them.

This story is credited as being the source of a group speaking one language today known as the Ewe language. Where this occurred is placed in Babylon in present Iraq, and various groups left to find new settlements of their own.

The music dance of Ewes is Agbadza consists of singing and drumming. The dance of Agbadza, which features contraction-expansion of the torso and bird-like arm motion.

Its form is quite simple. People rise to dance as the mood strikes them, usually in a small group of two to four people. An ensemble of drummers plays the instrumental music of Agbadza.

The traditional wear of the ewes is kente which is worn during festive seasons. Although its true origin is disputed by many, it is evidently clear that the Kente belongs to Ewe.

The favourite food is “Akple and Fetsirdetsir”. Ewes are good people and are lovely. Not tribalistic, boastful or inward looking. They have beautiful ladies who are well cultured and in case you are not married try an ewe lady and you will attest to these facts.

Proud voltarians: All the facts you need to know about volta region
Proud voltarians: All the facts you need to know about volta region
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