Rae Dawn Chong ; Biography, Net worth and Movies

Rae Dawn Chong is a renowned American born on February 28, 1961 to Canadian parents.

Dawn is widely regarded as an American due to the level of impact she made in the American movie scene, however she is a Canadian by birth, she was born in the Edmonton city of Canada.

She shot to fame as a result of the best known numerous leading roles she took in a number of movies that have sold highly around the world.


Chong is known to be married a renowned stockbroker, Owen Bayliss and they had a son named Morgan. Unfortunately they later divorced in 1982.

Five after their divorce, she married actor C. Thomas Howell who also starred in the feature film Soul Man. Sadly she tasted divorced for the second time.

Tasting consecutive divorces didn’t weigh her down and she found love again in the name of Nathan Ulrich only to divorce him also after three years.


Rae Dawn’s height is a pretty impressive one. The actress currently measures an average of 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

Career / Movies and TV shows

Just like other high profile actors, Dawns made appearances in films like; Quest for Fire, Beat Street, Soul Man, The Color Purple and Commando, Boulevard, Deadly Skies, and Time Runner.

Net Worth

Rae Dawn has has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

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