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Rainbow Kiss: 5 Things You Should Know

To some, a rainbow kiss may appear to be a harmless gesture, particularly to those who are unfamiliar with the word. The idea of kissing a rainbow is both romantic and sexy. However, the Rainbow Kiss we speak of is far from blissful romance.

A rainbow kiss in this context refers to a “dark” sexual activity that involves both the full ejaculation of a man and the menstrual blood of a woman. The following is the definition of a “rainbow kiss”.

According to Urban Dictionary, a rainbow kiss is defined as: During a girl’s menstruation, this is a kiss between a man and a female. Oral intercourse is performed by the male, who then sucks a mouthful of her blood. The girl conducts oral sex on the man when he has blood in his mouth. They kiss passionately with their bodily fluids in their mouths after that.

Urban Dictionary

How is Rainbow Kiss Performed?

Rainbow Kiss: 5 Things You Should Know
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this is something that seems it comes out of a horror romance movie, but it is in fact a thing among some couples. the idea of holding semen in the mouth may not be as mysterious as the counterpart, but it is equally a strange and to some, disgusting thing to do during oral sex.

Wish to know more about the act of a rainbow Kiss and the events that surround it? then read on and check out our list of the 5 things you should know before trying out a rainbow kiss with your partner!

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5 Things you Should Know about a Rainbow Kiss

Rainbow Kiss: 5 Things You Should Know

1. High risk of contracting an STD

If you or your partner have an STD (Sexually transmitted disease), The chances of passing it on to your partner increase drastically when performing a rainbow kiss.

STD can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, semen, menstrual blood, and Saliva (for a few cases). Holding infected semen or menstrual blood in your mouth is a quick way to get that infection.

2. High possibility of either you or your partner gagging / throwing up

It is one thing to read about the famous rainbow kiss, think it’s exciting, and try it out with your partner, but performing the actual action is not as pretty. Holding semen in the mouth or menstrual blood isn’t exactly something most people will do without throwing up all over the bed first.

Be sure to prepare for such circumstances and make sure both you and your partner are well informed and prepared to engage in a Rainbow Kiss before actually trying it out.

3. Only possible when your female partner is having her menstrual period

The rainbow kiss is achieved when semen and menstrual blood are exchanged through a kiss by sex partners during sexual intercourse. this activity is only possible when the female partner is on her period.

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4. You both have to orgasm at about the same time

One wouldn’t want to hold in semen or menstrual blood for a long period of time in the mouth, so both partners will have to orgasm at the same time. The 69 position is suitable best to achieve the butterfly kiss, timing the orgasm of both partners during sex.

5. Can get quite Messy

Blood, semen, and possibly other fluids in the mouth for a while can get messy sometimes. There is a high possibility that the bedsheets will get stained with any of the fluids.

If there is any fingering involved, do the deed on dark-colored sheets or towels, or wear latex or non-latex gloves. It’s worth doing whatever helps you feel more at ease and ready to get off.

Rainbow Kiss: 5 Things You Should Know

Be sure to speak intensively with your partner about this process and you both consent with high anticipation about engaging in the Rainbow Kiss.


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