In this article, we would like to give the what it actually means to loose 80 million credits in Andor and what it really means. Kindly read a bit further to discover more;

Rebels Stole 80 Million Credits in Andor Ep 6. What Does That Mean?

According to the show, stealing all that money is really enough to have a great negative impact that can halt the Imperial payroll for a while, meaning no one is making any money or workings as hard.

It also means a big deal for the fledgling rebellion that doesn’t have much revenue or equipment at the moment. But at the end of the day, this much money won’t hurt the Empire. But it’s a big enough dent for the Empire to take notice, especially when they realize their salaries won’t be getting paid for sometime.

Is ‘Andor’ a planet?

Considering what ‘Andor’ is in the ‘Star Wars’ franchise, it is not a planet but a fictional character.

However, there is a planet with similar spelling named ‘Endor’, which is referred to as Tana by the Ewok species.

According to the Star Wars Wiki, Endor was “the cyan gas giant planet orbited by the forest moon of Endor.”


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