“Respect African Societies and their Values or Keep quite let’s manage our society the way we see” – Uganda President Museveni to the west over LGBTQ movement

The issues surrounding LGBTQ movement is bringing up more interesting details both from the past and present.

The issue of considering and granting LGBTQ movement freedom in Africa has not been a discussion that started today, it has bern in existence for years now.

The then President of the United States of America who is of African origin made it clear to African leaders on the need to consider the activism of Human right groups towards LGBTQ.

Today let’s take ourselves back to when Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni was questioned about his thoughts about the same issue that is a whole debate today all over again.

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In 2016 During an interview with CNN, Musevini was asked what message he has for Western human rights groups and then US President, Barak Obama.

He answered that Everyone should give the maximum respect to the values African society’s believes in but if they can’t do that then there’s the need to not interfere with any issues.

“Respect African societies and their values, if you don’t agree, just keep quiet let’s manage our society the way we see. If we are wrong, we shall find out by ourselves just like the way we don’t interfere with yours” The Ugandan president stated

The interviewer followed up by questioning Museveni if he personally dislikes homosexuals.

He answered: “of course they are disgusting, what sort of people are they? How can you go…l never knew what they were doing, l have been told recently that what they do is terrible, disgusting, but l was ready to ignore that and find a prove that is how it is born Abnormal but now the prove is not there.”

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