Who is Rhona Gemmell, Robbie Coltrane’s ex-wife? Continue reading to learn more as we explore the love life of late Robbie Coltrane.

Actor Robbie Coltrane, who played Hagrid in the Harry Potter films, has died aged 72.

He also appeared in ITV detective drama Cracker and the James Bond films Goldeneye and The World Is Not Enough.

In a statement, his agent Belinda Wright confirmed the actor died in hospital near Falkirk in Scotland.

She described Coltrane as a “unique talent”, adding his role as Hagrid “brought joy to children and adults alike all over the world”.

Who was Robbie Coltrane?

Anthony Robert McMillan OBE, known professionally as Robbie Coltrane, was a Scottish actor and comedian. He gained worldwide recognition as Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter film series, and as Valentin Dmitrovich Zukovsky in the James Bond films GoldenEye and The World Is Not Enough.

Who is Rhona Gemmell, Robbie Coltrane’s ex-wife?

Rhona Gemmell was a college student when the late James Bond actor Robbie Coltrane first met her in December 1988; meanwhile, Robbie’s career was already taking off.

In 1998, Rhona decided to pursue careers as a sculptor, pilates instructor, and health coach.

She has worked for health studios that specialize in pilates, including Body Control Pilates and Otago Street Pilates.

She received certifications in Body Control Master Matwork and Comprehensive Studio while establishing her professional foundation in London.

When did Rhona and Robbie part ways?

After dating for a while, Robbie and Rhona got married on December 11th, 1999.

On April 14, 2003, the pair announced their separation after reaching splitsville.

At the time, Robbie’s publicist told the Daily Mail: “It is true they have separated. It is amicable and there is no one else involved.

“They are apart and it’s sad. Robbie’s work takes him away an awful lot and maybe the age difference was playing a part too.”

Have Robbie and Rhona ever had kids?

Spencer, a son, was Rhona and Robbie’s first child together when they got married in 1992.

They welcomed their daughter Alice into the world in 1998, marking their second parental milestone.

The actor from Urban Myths passed away on October 14, 2022, according to his agent Belinda Wright.

She confirmed: “Robbie was a unique talent, sharing the Guinness Book of Records’ Award for winning three consecutive Best Actor Baftas for his portrayal of Fitz in Granada TV’s series Cracker in 1994, 1995 and 1996 with Sir Michael Gambon.

“He will probably be best remembered for decades to come as Hagrid in the Harry Potter films, a role which brought joy to children and adults alike all over the world, prompting a stream of fan letters every week for over 20 years.”

Rhona Gemmell age

Rhona Gemmell is 42.

Rhona Gemmell height

Rhona Gemmell height is 5 feet 7 inches or 1.70 meters.

Rhona Gemmell net worth

Rhona Gemmell net worth is estimated $100,000. Her actual net worth is not known.

Robbie Coltrane was heartbroken after split from wife Rhona Gemmell – but he found love again

After he and wife Rhona Gemmell divorced, Robbie Coltrane was devastated, but the venerable British actor later found love.

According to his agent, Coltrane, who is most known for portraying the adored Hagrid in the Harry Potter movies, passed away on Friday, according to his agent, in a Scottish hospital.

The 72-year-old had freely discussed being wheelchair-bound and “in pain 24 hours a day” as a result of his long-term battle with osteoarthritis.

The actor has never talked much about his romantic relationships, even when he would talk about his health issues.

Coltrane got a divorce from his wife, the sculptor Rhona Gemmell, in 2003, but he didn’t talk much about how sad he was.

He was, however, similarly reticent about discussing his new lover.

After dating for 12 years, Coltrane first announced his new flame two years ago.

For a spell, Coltrane and Rhona decided to call it quits, and for a spell, he vanished from the public eye.

He was reportedly going through a difficult time as he dealt with the emotions of his divorce and the osteoarthritis that was limiting his mobility.

Coltrane talked openly about his health struggles in 2016, but he remained silent about his divorce.

Fans thought Coltane had moved on and had a girlfriend, but didn’t know for sure.

Then, in an interview with Radio Times in 2020, Coltrane said he had a “steady girlfriend”.

He said: “We’ve been going out for 12 years now, and she’s a grown up.”

Despite admitting to having a girlfriend, the actor never named her.

Coltrane then insisted, as he discussed how Mick Jagger was having children in his 70s: “I don’t want any babies!”

He has two children, Spencer and Alice, to Rhona.

Coltrane added: “I’ve got my babies. They’re up and running.”

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has led the tributes for Coltrane this evening following the news of his death.

The final photo of Coltrane has also been revealed – and it’s a sweet shot of him chatting to another former Harry Potter co-star.

Coltrane was always known to be close with the child stars, who he called his “own kids”.


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