The cause of death of Richard Piana is still under investigation.

His cause of death is still unclear. A family member revealed that he had died from complications associated with an overdose.

The bodybuilder and YouTuber was a successful businessman and professional.

He won the NPC Mr. Teen California title in 1989 and 1998 and competed in the Mr. Olympia in 2003 and 2009.

His YouTube channel had a huge following.

While the cause of death is still unknown, a source in the rescue service said that doctors believed that the bodybuilder had taken an overdose of narcotic drugs.

This theory was indirectly confirmed when police and medics found a white powder on a table.

However, the exact cause of death is still a mystery.

Those who know the bodybuilder best say that he had diabetes and that his death was not related to the use of narcotics.

Other theories include heart disease and a toxicology analysis.

The autopsy report revealed several health issues in Rich Piana, which was confirmed by TMZ Sports.

His girlfriend reported that Rich Piana’s heart stopped beating after he ingested pre-workout powder. He also had an enlarged heart and was suffering from coronary artery disease.

If none of these causes were the cause of death, the autopsy will likely confirm the suspicion of drug use.

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