The cause of death of Richard Jewell remains under investigation as his body was found in his home in west Georgia.

Richard Jewell Cause of Death

He had been suspected of involvement in the 1996 Olympics bombing.

A new autopsy has revealed that he had died of natural causes and there is no evidence of alcohol or drugs.

Despite the controversy surrounding Jewell’s death, his cause of funeral is not yet known.

A memorial service is planned for Richard’s family on Friday, and he plans to sue the media for defamation of character.

While awaiting trial, the family of Richard Jewell mourns his death. His wife Dana, mother, and two children were devastated by the news.

During the high-profile investigation, the FBI posed as video producers to question the young man.

Several journalistic errors were exposed, including the tone used to portray him as guilty of the bombing.

While many believed that Jewell was the sole suspect, his family members disagreed and pointed out that his death was not the result of any criminal activity.

The cause of death of Richard Jewell is still being investigated, but a motive for the attack has not yet been identified.

In the aftermath of the blast, it is still unclear what happened to Jewell.

Authorities are still seeking the person responsible for the attack, but it is unclear whether he was a suspect.

Fortunately, his family has not been notified of the case. He would not have been happy about the situation.

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