The coroner’s report on the cause of death of singer Rick James has been released. The report notes that the rapper was 56 years old.

The rapper was diagnosed with diabetes, had suffered a stroke in 1998, and had a history of drug addiction.

Despite his success, the musician suffered from many health problems.

According to his family, he had a long-term struggle with alcoholism and was suffering from a heart condition.

The cause of death of the star was not immediately clear. However, several doctors are now saying he died of enlarged heart and pneumonia, as well as the effects of several drugs.

Although James is best known for his 1981 hit song, he had a history of drug and alcohol addiction.

He also had an arrest record for assaulting two women.

While his addiction was under control, he had a long list of health complications.

It is not yet clear what caused Rick James’ death.

There is no official cause of death, but the coroner’s office says that the musician died of multiple drugs, including cocaine.

The toxicology report shows that the deceased had not seen a doctor in weeks, and that drugs may have played a role in his death.

Regardless of the causes, many mourners say that Rick’s passing has left them feeling bereaved and angry.

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