After months of struggling with health issues, actor Rob Garrison passed away on September 27, 2019.

His cause of death remains unknown, but reports have suggested that the 59-year-old was suffering from liver and kidney problems.

He also had been hospitalized for several weeks for other ailments.

As a result of his failing health, he was treated at a West Virginia hospital before he passed away.

The family is now working to arrange a memorial service for the actor.

Rob Garrison’s cause of death has been confirmed by his representative, Linda Garrison.

The actor died on September 15 from a heart attack.

The death of the popular actor is still being investigated, but it appears that he suffered from kidney and liver issues for a prolonged period of time.

He was hospitalized for more than a month and later suffered organ failure.

The actor was most well-known for his role as Tommy in the classic film “The Karate Kid.” He also had roles in TV shows such as St. Elsewhere, MacGyver, and Columbo.

His last acting role was a short film titled “The Legend Continues.”

Although he was well-known for his starring roles in television shows like The Karate Kid, he was notorious for his drinking habits.

His illness weakened his health and he was hospitalized for a urinary tract infection and bladder infection in November 2005.

His family has said that he was not married and did not have children. However, he leaves behind two siblings, Patrick and Linda.

They will be devastated by his death.

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