While you might think that the billionaire actor Robert Durst was worth a fortune, the truth is a lot less than that. In fact, he was a convicted murderer, and his entire estate was lost in court.

In addition to the money he lost in bails and compensation, he spent a large portion of his time out of work.

His net worth is now around $50 million after he settled a case for $65 million. His estate included some properties, including the one he bought in Harlem for $1.75 million.

Robert Durst Net Worth

The family of Robert Durst is very rich. His father Seymour Durst was a real estate developer, and his mother was a socialite named Bernice Herstein. After his mother passed away in 1974, his brother Seymour Durst took over the company and concentrated on building skyscrapers in New York City.

Currently, the Durst Organization is run by his son Douglas and nephew Jody. In 2006, his brother Robert sold his shares for $65 million. His father’s family has also contributed to the Durst Net Worth of his siblings.

While he is a famous movie star, the man behind the mask has had troubled pasts. While he is currently on a ventilator, his wife, Robert Frank, stepped back from defending him.

He is currently under investigation for murder in the ‘The Jinx,’ which he says was the result of a crime he committed while in prison. It’s unclear how much money he is worth, but his family and friends are putting their faith in his ability to make a good living.

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