Robin Williams was an American actor and comedian. He died at the age of 63 in Paradise Cay, California on August 11, 2014.

Robin Williams Cause of Death

Full NameRobin McLaurin Williams
Cause Of DeathLewy Body Disease
Robin Williams Cause of Death

In May 2014, Robin Williams was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. However, his autopsy revealed that he had an incurable brain disease known as Lewy body dementia. Those who have this disorder are at a higher risk for suicide, so his misdiagnosis was not surprising.

But how did his degenerative brain disorder cause his sudden death? A new biography of the late comedian reveals the details. This article will help you better understand the causes of the death of well-known celebrities.

The cause of death for Robin Williams is still unclear. There are many possible reasons why he killed himself. His wife, who had assumed that her husband was sleeping in the bedroom, left the house, believing he would wake up. But she was wrong.

She had slipped a note under the door to check on him. The note stated that his body was unresponsive, but she had forgotten to leave a message for the police.

The coroner ruled that Robin Williams committed suicide. He was not an alcoholic, but the coroner said that he had taken prescription drugs in therapeutic concentrations.

According to his death certificate, his ashes were scattered off the coast the day after his death. While it remains unclear whether he smoked, his wife is not the only person concerned about his condition. Regardless of the cause of his death, his widow shared some details with the media.

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