Rod Laver is an Australian former tennis player. He had a career span of 24 years (1955-1979).

Laver has the most singles titles in tennis history. He holds a record of 198 titles. This included his all-time men’s record of 10 or more titles per year for seven consecutive years.

The Laver Cup tournament and the Rod Laver Arena are named after him. On October 1, 2017, he was inducted into the Southern California Tennis Hall of Fame.

Rod Laver Wife

Mary Bensen was the wife of  Rod Laver. They were married for 46 years (1966-2012)
mary died n November 2012.

Rod Laver Children

Rod Laver has only one child. he has a son called Rick Laver.

Rod Laver Grandchildren

Rod laver has a granddaughter called Riley Laver.

Rod Laver Parents

Melba Roffey and Roy Laver are the parents of Rod Laver.

Rod Laver Siblings

Rod Laver has three siblings; two brothers and a sister. They are Lois Laver, Bob Laver, and Trevor Laver.


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