Rolly Quizon was a Filipino actor, and one of Dolphy’s children. He gained recognition for portraying namesake character Rolly Puruntong in the Filipino television sitcom John en Marsha.

Rolly died on March 15, 2018, at the age of 59 years after being in a coma for about a week. His cause of death was stroke.

Rolly Quizon Wife

Rolly Quizon was not married. He was however known to be in a relationship with Cherie Gil.
Not much about their relationship is known.

Rolly Quizon Children

Rolly did not have any children.

Rolly Quizon Parents

Roldolfo Vera Quizon and  Engracita Dominguez are the parents of Rolly Quizon. Rolly was the only son of the pair.
Both his parents were actors. His father, Roldolf had other marriages said from Rolly’s mother.

Rolly Quizon Siblings

Rolly Quizon was known to have 12 half siblings.
His half siblings are from his fathers other marriages.

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