Conrad Ricamora ia an American acttor. He is widely recognized for his role as Oliver Hampton in the television series How To Get Away With Murder.

Conrad was born on February 17, 1979, in Santa Maria, California. He is the only son of his parents. He is the child and ss son of his parents. He attended Queens University of Charlotte and later graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2012.

Conrad began acting in theater roles while at Queens University of Charlotte. He played a role in Here Lies Love. In 2014, he cast and played a recurring role in How To Get Away With Murder.

He is credited with several movie and theater roles. They include Mental, The President, The KingandI, allegiance, and Romeo and Julie, among others.

Conrad Ricamora Parents

Conrad Ricamora is the only son and child of Ron Rcamora and his wife, Debbie Ricamora.

His father Ron, was in US Aiir Force. His mother was also a social worker.

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