The cause of death of Ronnie Spector is cancer. She died at the age of 78, after a brief battle with cancer.

Ronnie Spector Cause of Death

Full NameRonnie Spector
Cause Of DeathCancer
Ronnie Spector Cause of Death

The singer, whose family released a statement about the death, was a pioneer in the world of pop music.

She died of cancer, after being diagnosed with gastrointestinal stromal tumor.

She had a short battle with the disease and was given two years to live.

Ronnie Spector was an American singer and songwriter who is best remembered for his songs. The Ronettes were a famous group and he opened for Keith Richards in England.

In the late 1960s, Ronnie Spector and her husband, Phil Spector, filed for bankruptcy and divorced. In 1982, they remarried, and in April 1981, she remarried Jonathan Greenfield, who is a successful businessman.

In the following year, Ronnie was murdered by Greenfield, who was a former client of Phil Spector.

After this traumatic event, the singer fled her home with the assistance of her mother.

Her parents helped her escape, and she obtained $1 million in damages from Phil Spector.

According to a obituary in the Los Angeles Times, Ronnie Spector died of a short battle with cancer.

The type of cancer that caused Ronnie’s death has not yet been revealed by his family. He was 78 years old and was estimated to have a net worth of $5 million.

He had been married to his longtime partner, Jonathan Greenfield, since 1988. His obituary has yet to be published.

The funeral service will be held on January 12, and the singer’s family is asking for donations to local women’s shelters and the American Indian College Fund.

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