Sad scene as popular veteran actor is reported seriously sick

Life in this world is a great story indeed,Sometimes in Life You Have to Go Through Storms, Unbearable Pain, Rejection, Disappointments before you can see the glory of God because it is through the hard times that God Reveals Himself. The greater the force of your storm is also the the greater of your ministry.

If you can’t make people smile, at least don’t be the reason why they cry. If you can’t give people reasons to remain positive, then don’t add more negativity to their lives.

Be someone’s strength, someone’s inspiration, someone’s reason to remain hopeful. If you can’t be the sunshine in people’s life, at least don’t cause the storm.

In times of pain and struggles, people only seek those who care and who will always be there, can you be that person people will look up to in their difficult and trying times?

If you can make a difference in someone’s life, make sure it is either a positive one or none.

You will always be remembered for two things, the problem you solved or the ones you created. This gentleman did the right thing when he visited the the ace actor, Kohwe.

Several people have raised questions on how our numerous stars particularly our actors, actresses, and performers are been treated particularly when they are getting nearer to the verge of their respective carries. 

Kofi Laing, also known as “Kohwe” is no exception and is presently battling an ailment that has brought him completely out of shape, believed to be a stroke.

Per reports in the media, he is presently undergoing treatment at Dr. Power Herbal Clinic at Ashaiman Newtown junction, Tema with hopes for him to get well in the coming months. 

The nation must continue to assist the veteran entertainer with our prayers and the little we can do financially to revive Kohwe as he has put a lot of smiles on our faces on our screens. 

You can send your contributions to him via his personal mobile money number: 0244437963 (Kofi Laing) to support him financially as he undergoes treatment.

Your contribution will also help in his daily life as he needs more support since he’s no more acting and getting weak due to ailments and an advancing old age creeping on him.

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