Samson Lardi If you Polish My Shoes You will get Sense- Ken Agyapong goes wild again accused Samson Lardi of Joy News as a bogus, corrupt journalist and lawyer.

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Assin Central Member of parliament has once again verbally demean a journalist by stating, he is corrupt and would get sense if he polish his shoes.

Ken Agyapong never mince words in addressing the host of News File on Joy News a subsidiary of Multimedia Ghana Limited.

Speaking on his Net2 tv, the maverick lawmaker said Samson Lardi who is a lawyer is dumb and knows nothing.

He stated Samson is cheap and corrupt and he Kennedy Agyapong can pay him including anyone working as a journalist.

These Remarks are in reaction to the decision of Multimedia Ghana Limited owners Joy Fm, Luv and Nhyira Fm in Kumasi to take Kennedy Agyapong over some comment he made in same Net2 tv against their staff Erastus Asare Donkor they deemed as a threat on his life.

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In an earlier outburst, Ken Agyapong accused Multimedia for being warmongering institution with how they reported the Ejura issue.

He accused Erastus Asare Donkor for reporting lies which led to the death of two extra persons after the murder of Kaaka.

Ken Agyapong who doubles as the chairman of the defense Committee in parliament was heard in a video saying, if he was the president, he would have champion the beating of Erastus Asare Donkor for reporting what he said was a “Fake news”

He accused multiple for taking bribe as the owner of the brand Kwesi Twum came to his office to tell him Ken that his staff at Joy Fm have said after they helped the NPP to win power in 2016, they have neglected them.

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Ken equally revealed how staff of Multimedia do go to the house of Gabby Asare Otchere Darko, the cousin of the President of Ghana to take money.

Based on the Precedence with Ahmed Suale, Multimedia reported the case to the police for investigation and called for the Protection of their journalist since Ahmed Suale was murdered when Kennedy Agyapong showed his face in tv.

Kennedy Agyapong seem not to be happy with Joy Fm for their move to have him prove that they are indeed bribe takers and has reacted again, this time to Samson Lardi who is a lawyer for Joy Fm and also the host of News File on Joy News.

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