Viewers have dubbed a Samsung commercial portraying a lady jogging alone in London at night with headphones ‘tone deaf.’

The one-minute ad promoting the Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Buds 2, and Galaxy SS2 phone was deemed ‘naive’ and ‘insulting’ by critics who claimed that ‘women wouldn’t feel secure doing that.’

The commercial, titled Night Owls, features a sporty woman checking her watch at 2 a.m. before putting on earbuds and heading out into the dark for a nighttime jog in London.

Some Twitter users thought the commercial was unrealistic, stating that women would never feel comfortable working alone at all hours of the night while using earbuds.

Samsung informed Femail in a statement that the campaign was meant to encourage individualism and was never meant to be insensitive to “ongoing conversations around women’s safety.”

The woman in the advertisement wakes up at 2 a.m. and decides to look for work on the streets of London.

A big owl watches over her as she runs through a dark, empty street, past a skateboarder, some clubbers, a dancer, a security guard, a construction worker, and a slew of other night-time runners.

Samsung has apologised for a recent advert which showed a woman getting up at 02:00 to go for a run through the streets of a city alone.

The advert has been criticised by some women’s running groups and safety campaigners for being “unrealistic”.

Samsung has told Radio 1 Newsbeat it was never its intention to “be insensitive to ongoing conversations around women’s safety.”

“We apologise for how this may have been received,” it adds.

Samsung advert woman running video (2022)

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