The Slow Hustle, an HBO documentary, has renewed attention in the 2017 death of Baltimore murder detective Sean Suiter. Follow along as we try to figure out whether it was a homicide or a suicide.

The Slow Hustle is a film that sits at the intersection of true crime and social justice, focused on a murder mystery entwined in a police corruption epidemic.

Similarly, investigator Sean Suiter of the Baltimore Police Department is at the center of The Slow Hustle. On Nov. 15, 2017, when visiting his novice companion David Bomenka, Sean allegedly smeared an odd figure in an alleyway in the City’s Harlem Park region.

Suiter’s body was discovered with a gunshot wound to the head in a West Baltimore alley, and authorities initially assumed he was the victim of a lone assailant.

Who is Sean Suiter?

Sean Suiter is a retired detective with the Baltimore Police Department. According to Taya Graham, a Baltimore-based investigative journalist, Suiter was also 17 at the time of his death.

Furthermore, there are no complete facts concerning his age or birth. Suiter was also a father of five children, a soldier, and a murder detective.

He, too, was a well-liked officer who had risen through the ranks. Not to mention the fact that Suiter was killed in the crossfire of GTTF.

Suiter’s death was the subject of much discussion in the aftermath of the case. Some thought it was a suicide, while others were confident it was a homicide.

Update On Sean Suiter’s Wife Nicole Suitor And Their Children

Sean Suiter was a married guy with a family. His wife, Nicole Suitor, was the love of his life. According to accounts, the couple had a total of five children.

The current whereabouts and data concerning Sean’s family, on the other hand, are kept hidden from the public eye. Nicole was overheard celebrating the City’s decision to award her family a $900,000 workers’ settlement as a “first step” toward redemption following the accident.

After a settlement was called seconds before a hearing, the award was unanimously granted by the City’s Board of Estimates without argument. The city was anticipated to contest Suiter’s death about three years ago.

Nicole hasn’t been in the news or in the media since her last update in 2020.

Is Sean Suiter’s death a homicide or a suicide?

Sean Suiter was located on the ground with a gunshot lodged in his skull. Suiter’s wife claimed her husband was killed in a homicide. Some suspected that it was a suicide, while others assumed that it was a homicide.

According to News Week, the evidence does not support anyone other than Detective Suiter firing the fatal shot. Suiter’s family also agreed to a $900,000 settlement with the city in October 2020, and his wife Nicole stated that the agreement was just the start of the process.

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