Wingstop just came out with a brand-new line of chicken sandwiches with 12 new and exciting flavors.

The American fast food chain, which is known for its wings, tenders, and boneless chicken, has only ever sold a few completely different burgers.

There are 12 “mouth-watering” flavors of sandwiches to pick from, but that’s the first significant time they’ve been available as a whole range.

Stacy Peterson, Wingstop’s chief revenue and experience officer, said that by showing that the brand is “The Flavor Experts,” this is a chance to bring in new customers and thank loyal ones.

Inside the press conference, she added, “The Wingstop Chicken Sandwich doesn’t simply come in one flavor; fans may choose from our 12 bold, trademark tastes.”

Continue reading to view the 12 totally unique chicken sandwich choices.

Wingstop’s Chicken Sandwich flavours

  • Atomic: Another trending option is possible.
  • The Original Hot: The original hot and tangy Wingstop flavor.
  • Toss in Original Hot before sprinkling on the edgy and zingy Cajun flavor.
  • Garlic Dry rub with savory garlic and buttery Parmesan.
  • Hawaiian: A blend of rich Asian spices with island citrus that is both sweet and tart.
  • Hickory Smoked food is robust, smoky, sweet, and rich. You are excited about BBQ in every way, but more so.
  • A dry rub made up of cracked black pepper and tart lemon juice.
  • Louisiana Rub: A dry rub with a characteristic Cajun drawl that is crispy and spicy.
  • Mango Habanero: A sweet and spicy combination.and still more.
  • The proper balance of sweet and spicy is created with ginger, garlic, siracha, and crushed pink pepper.
  • The Original Hot is scaled back to be mild.
  • The recognizable, crispy, juicy rooster sandwich, in plain language.

How loads do they worth?

Whatever flavor you choose, each Chicken Sandwich costs the same $5.49. It might be worth your $7.99 to get a combo meal that includes hand-cut fries and a drink.

Every sandwich may be found with a toasted bun and pickles that are crispy. Wingstop advises you to “take it up a notch” and dunk it in their famous ranch, which is served with every Chicken Sandwich.

The fast food restaurant business offered 100,000 free chicken sandwiches to subscribers who signed up before September 5; however, they have tragically run out.

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Wingstop wishes people to ‘split’ from their fast-food favourite

With this new feature, Wingstop is trying to get people to order from them instead of their usual fast-food chain.

To get their hands on Wingstop’s crispy chicken sandwich, they predicted that fans would plead to break away from their usual and boring weekly “lunch date.”

Since we are so sure of the quality of the food at Wingstop, we tell customers to switch from their current chicken sandwich and find a new favorite there.

That means good-bye to Popeyes, Chick-fil-A, and KFC, and hello to Wingstop, which now wants to be the “it” spot for both burgers and chicken-related items.

It looks like the change has brought in more people to fast food restaurants, as one user’s tweet shows: 


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