A police report shows that the singer was shot in the upper right back near her shoulder blade. The bullet entered the chest cavity and hit the right subclavian artery.

Her death is the first of its kind since the shooting of a Jehovah’s Witness. However, her cause of death remains a mystery.

An autopsy has revealed that she had suffered multiple gunshot wounds, including to her neck, head and lungs.

The police have yet to identify the shooter, but the evidence presented by the family of Selena Gomez has been gruesome.

She was killed at the age of 19. The hospital has ruled the death a homicide.

The cause of Selena Gomez’s death is unknown at this time.

The investigation is ongoing, but it appears the shooting was an accident.

The jury has yet to reach a verdict.

The investigation continues, but the police have found that the death was accidental and that there was no evidence of foul play.

Norma Martinez, Selena’s mother, testified about her daughter’s death on 12 October 1995.

Despite the fact that she was a beloved actress, her tragic death is not widely known.

Her family is now producing a Netflix biopic about her life.

It will be interesting to see the different interpretations of Selena’s cause of loss of consciousness.

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