A map creator takes the “best ever” photo of a UFO 50 years after it was shot.

Sergio Loaiza, a mapmaker, was flying over Costa Rica when he snapped a survey photo of the rainforest below, but it wasn’t until later that it was discovered that one frame had something unexpected.

Sergio Loaiza UFO photo 2022
The ‘best ever’ image of a UFO has emerged (stock image)(Getty Images)

A mapmaker’s photograph of a UFO has been released 50 years after it was taken.

Sergio Loaiza, an aerial photographer, captured the image while flying at 10,000 feet over Costa Rica with a special 100-pound camera.

He took many photographs of the land for a survey, and when the high-resolution black-and-white shots were developed, one of them revealed an unexpected anomaly.

The UFO was only discovered after the photograph was recently enlarged, and it clearly shows something that looks like a metallic disk soaring high above the land below – and the pilot claims he never saw anything.

Sergio Loaiza UFO photo 2022
Could this be definitive proof of a UFO?(Instituto Geográfico Nacional de Costa Rica)

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