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Seven Years Old Rat Awarded Gold Metal For Saving Lives Across The Globe

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Magawa the rat has been trained to sniff out bombs and exolosives

It has saved several lives by detecting bombs hidden in the ground.

The industrious rat has been awarded with a gold medal for his exceptional service

The life of a rat who was trained to detect land mines and dozens more of explosives is retiring. Magawa is about to go on pension after a successful five year career.

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Born and raised in Tanzania, the rat was able to performed it’s sniffing duties diligently by sniffing out 71 mines which had the been buried underneath the ground.

For his heroic act, the rat was awarded a gold medal since it’s time of retiring is up. He has saved lives especially in Cambodia where the rat was to locate bombs which could have exploded.

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Finally, its time is up to take a permanent rest from it’s labour. The organization responsible for it’s care has indicated that, although the rat is in good health, it has began to show signs of aging and slowing down hence the decision to retire it.

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