Shatta Wale ventures into Taxi Business to help tackle unemployment in the country

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Dancehall Musician, Shatta Wake is set to take help in tackling the high rate of unemployment with massive investment into Taxi.

Shatta will according to his Social media posts purchase Taxis and accept applications from drivers all over the country before handing them over to qualified persons.

The Botoe man did not give details explanation of how it’s going to work but just like Bolt, Uber and other vehicle transport companies, he labeled his own ‘Shaxi’ which we believe was taken from Shatta Taxi.

Speaking about his purpose of his new idea, Shatta made it clear this will help the youths, his fans and all drivers struggling on the streets to get something doing.

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He also added that very Citizen can play a role in reducing unemployment and not only folding our arms calling on government everyday.

“Shatta Movement fans are going to be employed , the youth are going to be employed , the street are going to be employed, yes we all can play a role in reducing the unemployment rate , it’s coming” he wrote

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