On April 4, 2020, we learned that the IFBB professional bodybuilder, Shawn Rhoden, had died of a heart attack. It was the most heartbreaking loss of his life.

Shawn Rhoden Cause of Death

Full NameShawn Rhoden
Cause Of DeathUnknown
Shawn Rhoden Cause of Death

Although the exact cause of his passing is unknown, Stanimal believes that various factors contributed to his demise.

A few of these factors may be linked, including a sudden illness and a serious heart condition.

The IFBB will determine the final cause of death.

According to his family, Rhoden had suffered a silent heart attack at some point in the past couple of years.

In the year before his death, he had been hospitalized after feeling weak and sick and was suffering from chest pains.

After recovering, he went on to have a more serious heart attack and was hospitalized.

In the months that followed, Rhoden focused more on monitoring his health and became more conscious of it.

The cause of death has yet to be determined, but speculations have focused on a heart attack that occurred in the early 2020s.

This silent heart attack was the cause of his death. However, the true cause of death is still unclear. The actor was arrested on a charge of sexual assault in March.

A court date has not yet been scheduled.

After his arrest, he remained out of the spotlight and helped to grow his supplement business.

He was also a mentor for many other competitors in the IFBB Pro League.

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