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She Texted me Every Day then Stopped: 5 Best possible Reasons

You having been texting back and forth with her for some time and it’s been going great! You discuss about everything, from your life, fun activities, share secrets and kisses. Then all of a sudden, she stops!

No more text, no more calls, no more messages, no explanation or reason, just regular old ghosting. SO the question arises? Why has she suddenly cut contact on me? Is it something I did?

Well, the answer to the last question is not necessary. Avoid jumping into conclusions whenever such a situation arises. While everyone’s cases will be different, some even special, but sudden ghosting usually falls down to three categories:

5 Reasons why She texted with you every day and then Suddenly Stopped

She Texted me Every Day then Stopped: 5 Best possible Reasons

1. Too Much texting / Attention

This is usually one of the reasons she is suddenly ghosting you. Perhaps the regular, long, lengthy conversations is getting boring and repetitive.

That is the point. If you like her, take her out on a date and spend some quality time with her. When you text, you look accessible and unimaginative, and you have far less to talk about when you meet.

Worst case scenario, she needs a break from that constant communication, from you.

2. Who initiates the first text every time?

This is actually one of the most popular reason why She Texted with you Every Day then Stopped. There are two ways to go about this:

She initiates the conversation every time: you’ve been talking for a while now but you fail to notice that she usually initiates the conversation, or sends the first ‘hy’.

If this is the case, you have failed to realize that you consciously let her know that you do not value her attention or time as much as she does yours, hence why you do not deem it necessary to chat her up. Once she realizes this, she would eventually stop texting you, either because she doesn’t want to anymore, or she wishes to know if you care enough to check up on her.

You initiate the conversation every time: If you are the one always texting first, always checking up on her, then it there is a pretty good chance she is not that interested in you, but nice enough to keep responding to your texts. Kindness runs out, and when it does, she might stop responding to your messages.

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3. Something important came up

Another reason she might have cut contact is she is caught up in something in her life at that moment. Perhaps workload at her job doubled, she fell sick or is going through mental issues like depression, or anxiety.

4. Getting Serious with her Relationship

This is one of the hardest pill to swallow for most people. It is entirely possible that you got ghosted due to the fact that she has decided to stop texting (or flirting) with you and possibly others because she has started a serious relationship with someone else.

While it is extremely rude and selfish to just seize contact with someone and leave them hanging, some people might not wish to hurt the people they were close with via text by informing them.

5. You’ve been ghosted

While there is a reason why guys get ghosted by girls most of the time, there are times when it just happens. If after numerous attempts and she still doesn’t respond (and you are certain she is going through anything new), then try Cut your losses and move on.

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