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Sho Madjozi Gets Dragged Into AKA’s Relationship.

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South African Superstar, Sho Madjozi, has been dragged for allegedly interfering into Nelli and AKA’s relationship.

This is according to a publication by Sunday World who claims to have contacted by sources close to the couple.

In the publication, Nelli once had a heated argument with Sho Madjozi and Bonang Matheba all because of AKA.

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It all started when Nelli cussed at Sho Madjozi for allegedly contacting AKA late at night when they were asleep.

Few days later, Nelli contacted Sho Madjozi’s manager on Whatsapp and things got heated.

Reports from Nelli’s closed friends and other sources reveals how overprotective she was about AKA.

When digged down into Sho’s late night call of AKA, it was disclosed that she only called to share the excitement that their collaboration, Casino, went abroad in Kenya and people loved it.

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Sho Madjozi’s fair intention was to link up with AKA so that they can shoot the music video, which they have already proposed about.

However, it didn’t work out for AKA as Sho Madjozi pulled out from shooting the music video upon hearing Nelli’s accusations.

This is what Nelli wrote to Sho Madjozi’s manager, Shawn Nkuna, instructing him to deliver it to Sho.

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“From my understanding, Kiernan and Maya(Sho’s real name) work together, which is strictly business…so what I would like to know is why the f*** was she calling my man at 1AM in the morning, and what was so urgent. In fact I would like her to message and explain her story” Allegedly wrote by Nelli.

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