Simon Henry blasted famous chef Nadia Lim’s approach to the public market with her brand My Food Bag. As a result, his careless remark concerning Nadia has been attacked.

Simon Henry is a well-known New Zealand business mogul with extensive experience in industrial property development, logistics, and international trade. Meanwhile, Simon Henry has been chastised by multi-national corporations and entrepreneurs for his ridiculous remark about famous chef, entrepreneur, food writer, and television personality Nadia Lim.

Nadia Lim, in particular, is the founder of My Food Bag, a New Zealand home delivery service. She founded the company in 2013 with James Robinson, Cecilia, and Theresa Gattung as founding partners.

Simon Henry, on the other hand, criticized My Food Bag, claiming that the corporation uses Nadia Lim’s sensuality to promote its products. His comments, on the other hand, injured individuals, and his attempt to seduce women enraged them.

Simon Henry Wikipedia

Simon Henry is a well-known New Zealand business magnate who has built an enormous corporate empire to this day.

He is the founder, executive director, and CEO of DGL in particular. DGL is also a significant industrial business company, including chemical manufacturing, procurement, logistics, and waste recycling services.

He also owns the bulk of the company’s stock and has been the CEO of DGL since 1999, a period of more than two decades. He also has almost three decades of international trading, manufacturing, and production experience in a variety of locations, including Australia and Asia-Pacific.

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