Sister Derby goes nude and gets a new guy in Spain.

African mermaid Deborah Vanessa celebrated her birthday this week bringing on all the sister derby spicines. The sensational musician left Ghana for Spain in celebration of her birthday with her endowed friend Lapilli.

They spent the week on a beautiful island graced with nature . The musician, actress, and influencer who is a nature lover pampered herself with the water with a lot of diving .Sister Derby constantly has the signature of pulling a stunt.

This time, she removed her pant in the water with her friends filming their nakedness while swimming and flaunting their panties in the air.

The Uncle Obama hitmaker toured so many places which have a touch of art and posted pictures of the places she visited with the writing. “does it involve art, lots of colors and creatives? count me in. “

A single picture with a very good-looking muscular guy didn’t go unnoticed but she didn’t talk about him. Perhaps she’s trying to keep whatever is cooking with him on the low to avoid disappointment?

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