So Bawumia you can’t take care of your wife, Nana Addo I thought you were rich and you can’t care of mama Rebecca; Captain Smart Fires

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Captain Smart has lashed out at the two top gentlemen of the land for including their wives on the government payroll to receive salaries.

Speaking on his Smart TV he indicated how things have deteriorated and the constitution is rubbish.

“We have oil in commercial quantities yet still we can’t buy fuel, they tell you to compare Ghana to America, do you see potholes in the streets of florida.

The kings of the country are afraid because they collected cars. NPP is becoming intolerant. just open your mouth and see. Ken says if Ghana will burn it’s because of media houses yet still he has opened a radio station and he hosts his shows like a journalist.

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Ken says he doesn’t know why he joined the NPP which is a stupid party.
I don’t respond to Kennedy Agyapon of not because I am afraid of Him but he sometimes fight for the country. I don’t attack freedom fighters.

The fight is against poverty. I applauded you for paying the siamese twins medical bill but should we have 20 cases of such nature, how would we handle it. Would you pay.

That’s why you need to build a fully furnished children’s hospital.
Any country that doesn’t cater for women and children is not a good country. We are just 10percent out of that disaster.

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That’s why we some of us can’t keep quiet. On the president’s wife’s salary, so Bawumia you can’t take care of your wife, Nana Addo I am told you are rich but you can’t take care of your wife mama Rebecca. “

You can watch the video below

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