Soldiers save thief from the jaws of a crocodile

Here in Ghana, Specifically Takoradi or It’s only in T’aadi that when they catch a thief, beat him up and still give him money to go get some energy drink to regain some energy in order to be able to receive more beatings.

But in this African country, this thief was caught stealing cloths but this time around, they did beat him up; they tied him on this tree and put car tyres around his neck with the intention of setting him on fire.

The teenager, caught by residents in the act of stealing clothes from lines and foot wears from doorsteps, after series of complaints of missing slippers and clothes.

The culprit is alleged to have been caught red-handed stealing from a cloths from a shop at the time he was caught by the mob. He was however taken from them by security officials and has somehow regained freedom after facing a judge.

The population showed their anger at this by pelting the soldiers with stones.

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