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Somewhere in Ada, School children ride in boats to cross the river to school; Afia Pokua vim lady shocked

President John Mahama’s government saw all that and as such, took a bold step to extend school infrastructure to remoute area of our country. Some sections of the media took him on that he was building schools in bush with no human being to attend.

Most of these completed and uncompleted school infrastructure has been left to the mercy of the weather by the current government and no media is talking about it.

It is easy for any government to use Covid-19 and it’s related burdens as an excuse for it’s failure to deliver. However, will you in good conscience, tell me, if your opponent had been in power, you would have understood them had they given such excuses!? Definitely Not!

In an online video posted by Afia Pokua vim lady, school children who are determined to go to school are seen crossing the Ada river in boats. This is extremely dangerous. No life jacket for this innocent Kids. Sadly, Most of these kids do not complete jhs. The girls drop out of school to give birth and boys drop out to go fishing.

Even when u are schooling, you go fishing when your parents don’t have money. So when the child starts fishing and starts getting money he wouldn’t continue because he’s now making money so nothing pushes him to further the education then as usual the ladies will be the victims. So a young guy of 17,18 will have 3 kids and they see it as that’s the best in life.

Afia Pokua is doing her best by establishing a foundation to help these kids. She posted with the caption “Somewhere in Ada where school children have to use a canoe to cross the river to the other side to attend school.

Vim Foundation to the rural communities.
We do our best to best to help.”

May God have mercy on mother Ghana and the politicians who are taking millions of dollars into their pockets and then leave the masses to suffer like this.

I am particularly happy that some of the media men and women have taken a step out of your comfort zone and you are witnessing what the ordinary people of our country go through on daily basis. I urge you to do more and God shall grant you strength.

Below is her Facebook post


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