Speaker Knockerz was an American rapper and producer who rose to fame in 2010after his debut mixtape Flight Delayed.

He died in February 2014 at 19 years.

Speaker Knockerz Cause of Death

Full NameDerek Jamol McAllister Jr.
Cause Of DeathHeart Attack
Speaker Knockerz Cause of Death

A young rapper named Speaker Knockerz, who died in February 2014, is still a mystery to fans. The artist’s cause of death is not yet known. While he was widely known on social networks, his greatest popularity came from his YouTube videos.

His YouTube page is watched by over 1.3 million people. His family is reportedly devastated by the news. The rapper’s family is seeking justice for his death and is requesting a full autopsy.

It is still unclear how the rapper died. There have been numerous theories, but the most probable reason was a heart attack. A sudden heart attack was not the cause of death, but a sudden and unexpected passing could have been one.

The coroner’s office said that the deceased had no signs of drug or alcohol use. His cause of death was natural. It is unclear whether it was caused by an accident or by a drug overdose, but there were no other suspicious circumstances.

The official cause of death of rapper Speaker Knockerz is unclear, but it’s a heart attack. He was an extremely popular figure on social media, and was credited with a trilogy of songs called ‘Rico Story’.

His real name was Derek Jamol McAllister Jr., and he was raised in Columbia, South Carolina. His brother also became a rapper. His death has shocked the music community.

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