Players must choose one of three paths in the Pokemon Go Fest 2022 Special Research story: Catch, Explore, or Battle – but which is the best? Let’s see what we can find out! Your choice will have an impact on the jobs that emerge throughout the Special Research tale, and you won’t be able to modify it later.

So, in Pokemon Go Fest 2022, should you go for Catch, Explore, or Battle? Continue reading to discover out… Players that purchase an event ticket from the in-game shop will be able to participate in an exclusive Special Research tale in addition to all of the standard Go Fest elements like Habitat Hours and the Global Challenge Arena.

This Special Research narrative will eventually lead to an encounter with the Mythical Shaymin, but first you must choose a path: Catch, Explore, or Battle, and then the difficulty level: Relaxed, Standard, or Master.

In Pokemon Go Fest 2022 Special Research, which path is the best?

If you want to accomplish this Special Research narrative as soon as possible, we recommend taking the Catch and Relaxed paths together, as these two options should make it rather simple to complete.

The prizes for the Catch path aren’t all that fantastic, so if you’re looking for high-tier stuff, go for the Battle path, where you can acquire Fast TMs, Charged TMs, and Premium Battle Passes.

Special Research for Go Fest 2022: The Catch Path

The Catch path is dedicated to catching chores such as using objects and landing Excellent and Curveball Throws. This may be the simplest option because you’ll be collecting a lot during Pokemon Go Fest 2022 regardless.

While the rewards for the Catch, Battle, and Explore paths are slightly varied, the difficulty choice has no bearing on the awards you obtain; it simply affects how tough or time-consuming each activity is.

However, because every player is different, we’ve explained the distinctions between each path below if you’re more interested in battling or exploring – or if you prefer a more demanding experience.

The major exclusive reward for the Catch path is Incense (of which there are plenty), as well as some other catching goods such as Poke Balls and Berries.

Special Research for Go Fest 2022: Explanation of the Explore Path

Players that enjoy getting out and about will enjoy the Explore path, which includes chores such as hatching Eggs and spinning PokeStops. Be advised that this alternative will most likely require a lot of walking.
The Explore path’s exclusive prizes are largely focused on Eggs, with Incubators, Super Incubators, and Lucky Eggs available to unlock as you progress.

Special Research for Go Fest 2022: Battle Path Explanation

The Battle path focuses on putting your talents to the test on the battlefield, with challenges such as facing Team Go Rocket and competing in the Go Battle League. This is the option that will most likely take the most time.

Fast TMs, Charged TMs, and Premium Battle Passes are among the exclusive rewards available for the Battle path. These are the best prizes you can earn, in our opinion.

Which Pokemon Go Fest 2022 difficulty path should you take?

Choose the Relaxed path if you simply want to finish this Special Research as quickly as possible. If you enjoy a challenge, choose Standard or Master, but keep in mind that you cannot adjust the difficulty level.

Step 5 of the Relaxed Catching road, for example, asks you to make 10 Nice Throws, whereas Step 20 of the Master Catching path requires you to make 20 Great Curveball Throws — a significant increase.

Hopefully, this advice has assisted you in deciding which route to choose for the Pokemon Go Fest 2022 Special Research narrative!

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