Stewart Rhodes‘ education has been the subject of much concern for many following the man who founded Oath Keepers was detained.

Already, we have looked at the way Stewart Rhodes lost one of his eyes..

Oath Keepers led Stewart Rhodes is an anti-government organization that claims they are proud in defending the constitution of the country. The movement was founded in 2008 as a response in the aftermath of the President Barack Obama. Rhodes first introduced the idea during a rally on April 19 at Lexington, Mass., in reference to the time and place of the very first shots fired in the American Revolution.

Stewart Rhodes
Stewart Rhodes

What was the place where Stewart Rhodes go to school?

Stewart Rhodes worked as a commercial sculptor prior to going his way to University of Nevada, Las Vegas as well as Yale Law School. Before pursuing his law school degree He was an Army paratrooper.

His wife, Tasha Adams, disclosed the fact that Rhodes Steward studied constitutional law at Yale and was later an adviser to the libertarian Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex. ).

Court records reveal that Rhodes was barred by the State of Montana in 2015 following an accusation against him from an federal judge who claimed that he had ignored court orders, and also a separate complaint by an old client who claimed he had abandoned him. Rhodes did not reply to inquiries for comment on this story.

In the present his relationship with his wife is in a shaky place. They were married in 1994, and are now set to split in the near future.

Steward and Rhodes have 6 children in the same household.

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