Street preacher miraculously delivers mad man roaming in the streets

The Holy book of Christians states that God has the power to deliver and by the stripes of Jesus Christ, we are healed. The blood of Jesus which speaks better things than the blood of Abel possesses the divine power to heal and cure any infirmity of our body.

A video making rounds on social media, the street preacher who is filled with the Holy Spirit is seen praying intensely for a mentally unstable man.

As it has been the norm with most people suffering from psychic disorder, there is always resistance on their part to be delivered from the sickness.

The preacher man persisted on delivering the mad man and placed his hands on his head. Afterwards, he called on the name of the lord to restore the sanity of the mad man. In the process the mad man fell to the ground while challenging the preacher man.

However, God prevailed and instantly the madman is believed to have received his healing. Hallelujah to the most high.

Watch the video below:

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