Susan Gray is a British civil servant who became Second Permanent Secretary in the Cabinet Office in May 2021, reporting to the Duke of Lancaster’s Chancellor.

Gray was born in north London to Irish immigrants who relocated to Tottenham in the early 1950s; her father worked as a furniture dealer, while her mother worked as a barmaid. She went to a state-funded Roman Catholic school.

Gray gave up her plans to attend university after her father died suddenly in 1975 and went straight into the Civil Service.

Gray took a career hiatus in the late 1980s, when she and her husband Bill Conlon, a country music artist from Portaferry, County Down, owned the Cove Bar, a pub in Newry, a border town in Northern Ireland, during The Troubles, a step described by journalist Sam McBride as “strikingly unorthodox.” Gray has ties to Northern Ireland through his family. Gray was suspected of being a spy at the time, according to Peter Caldwell, a former special adviser to several ministers. Gray denied it. In 1987, the family relocated to London.

Sue Gray Husband – Meet Bill Conlon

Bill Conlon hails from Portaferry, County Down, Northern Ireland, and is known as the “singer’s singer.”

‘The Chair,’ ‘If We’re Not Back In Love By Monday,’ ‘I Don’t Have To Fall,’ and ‘Woman Your Love’ are some of his best-known songs.

He’s performed in country music clubs across the United Kingdom and at European country music festivals.

Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, and Charley Pride are among the artists who have impacted his music.

His true net worth is unknown, but given that his wife is a government employee with a net worth of roughly $1 million, he could be worth more or equal to her.

What is the Sue Gray report?

The Sue Gray study will look into the 16 people who have been accused of being kept at Downing Street during the lockdown.

Sue Gray’s report is to “develop quickly a general picture of the nature of the events, including attendance, the location, and the purpose, with regard to conformity to the guidance in effect at the time,” according to a statement from the Cabinet Office.

The report is expected to be released over the next several days.

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