The actress, who played Emily Hartley on the hit sitcom “The Bob Newhart Show,” has died.

Pleshette, who was 70, was diagnosed with respiratory failure after undergoing chemotherapy for lung cancer in 2006.

The actress had previously had a bout with lung cancer, which she underwent in 2006, but was only recently cleared of it.

She was a vivacious and earthy dame who didn’t mind sharing her dirty laundry with the world.

Pleshette, who was buried in a Culver City cemetery, was a lovable and funny actress who redefined the television wife in the 1970s.

She starred on “The Bob Newhart Show” as Emily Hartley and also starred in “The Birds” and “The Bob Newhart Show.”

Her role as the sexy wife of a renowned comedian was so popular that she was nominated for an Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement.

She was married to actor Troy Donahue in 1964, but divorced him after eight months of cohabitation.

Her third husband, Tom Poston, is a Broadway actor who played the role of the wealthy artist in the movie.

The actress Suzanne Pleshette was born in Los Angeles. She attended the high school of the performing arts in Manhattan and later studied at Syracuse University.

In 1957, she made her Broadway debut in the hit show “Compulsion” and later appeared in the hit movie The Birds.

She married actor Troy Donahue in 1965, and they divorced in 1978 after eight months of cohabitation.

Her greatest acting achievement was replacing Anne Bancroft in the role of the commanding officer in the 1960s’

“The Miracle Worker,” and she was buried next to her husband.

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