Tawny Kitaen was an American actress, model, and media personality. She died due to dilated cardiomyopathy on May 7, 2021 (aged 59) in Newport Beach, California.

Tawny Kitaen Cause Of Death

Full NameJulie Ellen “Tawny” Kitaen
OccupationActress/Model/Media Personality
Cause Of DeathDilated Cardiomyopathy
Tawny Kitaen Cause Of Death

The cause of death for ’80s icon Tawny Kitaen has been identified as dilated cardiomyopathy. She also had coronary artery disease and was taking a variety of medications at the time of her death. The singer died on May 7 in Newport Beach, California, at the age of 59.

The actress was married twice, first to former MLB star Chuck Finley and then to baseball player David Coverdale. The two had two daughters together.

The cause of death of a famous American model and actress has been released: “Tawny had a heart disease, a heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy.”

Other factors considered in her death were the drugs she was taking, including alprazolam, acetaminophen, hydrocodone, and pregabalin. Her death is the first public announcement about her death.

After years of speculations, the cause of death for Tawny Kitaen has been released. The actress died of heart disease. Other factors that may have contributed to her death are her use of opioids and a high level of alcohol consumption.

Her two daughters said that they were devastated by the news. The actress had a long history of substance abuse. In 2002, she was charged with domestic violence after she fought with her former husband Chuck Finley. She also had a history of drug use, including cocaine and hydrocodone.

Her family said that she was “devastated from dilated cardiomyopathy.” She also had mild coronary atherosclerosis. Her cause of death is unknown, but it has been determined to be natural. The coroner’s office says that she was taking multiple medications, including an antidepressant, Mirtazapine, and an opioid, hydrocodone.

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