TB Joshua blasted for seeking medical attention when he was sick but asked his followers to seek healing from his holy water and anointing oil

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– A Nigerian Media personality has poured some harsh words out in her reaction to the death of TB Joshua

– The Popular Man of God, TB has been confirmed dead

– He was reportedly ill and died at the hospital on Saturday June 5th.

Just like any other sad news, TB Joshua’s death has be met with tearful reactions from many sympathizers around the world.

But it looks clearly one particular person identified on Twitter as ‘Samdra Ezekwesili’ has no reason to mourn the late Man of God since she has no good memory of him when he was alive and not ready to have one after his death.

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Rumors has it that he died in the hospital meanwhile he has stated in most of his preachings how it takes the the healing of God through anointing oils for the sick to get healthy. Sandra in reference to thisQuestion his decision to go to hospital instead of just doing as he said.

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TB Joshua was reportedly ill and went to the hospital.Did he teach his numerous followers to try hospitals and not abandon their medication for his holy water and anointing oil? His ministry did a lot of damage.Any conversation that doesn’t include that, is dishonest. She stated

Again Sandra controversially claim The man of God was irresponsible as a leader and his ministry has nothing good to offer because he was never walking on the path of God.

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I said what i said. Man was irresponsible as a leader, did not walk in the footsteps of Christ and his ministry was toxic and exploitative. Death doesn’t erase that.I had nothing good to say about him while he lived, i won’t start now because he is dead. Sandra added

As if that wasn’t enough, there were reports Hundreds of sock Congregants are still waiting at his Church premises for prophetic healing. A report Sandra reacted to with a simple tweet “A Cult

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