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TB Joshua Was Sick In The Spirit;Prophet Amoako Atta Makes A Shocking Revelation On Live TV

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Prophet Amoako Atta has made a shocking revelation

The renowned preacher on live TV made those comments

He finally revealed the numerological Meaning of the age of 57

Prophet Amoako Attah the resident pastor of Angel FM has made a shocking revelation this morning concerning the death of TB Joshua. The preacher man asserted that what killed TB Joshua was sickness.

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He recounted the very last video the synagogue church of all nations founder did before his demise and said ” he was already dead in spirit when I watched that video. He was tired and had lost his anointing. “

The preacher man asserted that Jesus Christ even rested when he was tired. Let no minister of the word of God overdo things because it will cost you. He admonished his colleague preachers to take a break when the need arises to regain their strength.

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When you follow the crowd to take care of everybody you will become exhausted and die. He also gave some numerological interpretation to the number 57. He stated this number signify a dangerous year according to numerology.

It is the year of chaos, sickness and difficulties. It is also a year of transition, so TB Joshua knew in the realms of the spirit that he would die. In conclusion, the revealer concluded this is the reason why Satan killed the man of God 12 days before his 58th birthday.

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You can watch the full video below.

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