Russian president Vladimir Putin’s daughters Maria Vorontsova and Katerina Tikhonova are being targeted by the U.S. sanctions imposed in response to the ongoing war in Ukraine. These two women are reportedly involved in state-funded genetics research and are therefore under the watchful eyes of Western countries. However, Putin has been remarkably secretive about his family. While we don’t know their identities, we can still speculate on what their futures hold.

The daughters of Vladimir Putin were born in 1986 and 1985. They were named Maria and Katerina after their grandmothers, Katya and Masha, which are common Russian shortenings. After their father became acting president, the daughters were taken out of their German-language school and educated at home by teachers. Both girls studied biology and Asian Studies in college. They attended university under false identities. As a result, the sanctions have had a devastating impact on the economy of Russia.

Although the documentary was released in 2017, it has garnered much attention as a source of information about the Russian President’s family. Svetlana Krivonogikh grew up in a cramped apartment in St Petersburg and worked as a cleaner. Later on, she obtained an apartment in Monaco by using an offshore company. Weeks later, she gave birth to Luzia. She also received billions from the Kremlin.

Maria Tikhonova is a co-owner of a medical firm with a billion-dollar turnover. She is also in charge of the government’s genetics research programs, which are overseen by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Katerina Tikhonova, meanwhile, was born in Dresden in 1986 and graduated from St Petersburg State University with a master’s degree in physics. Her surname, Tikhonova, was derived from her maternal grandmother’s name.

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