The grassroot are suffering and you want to use state money to feed your wives; A plus to Government

Kwame A-Plus has finally descended on government for their ideas of introducing the payment of Salaries to the second and First ladies of the Republic of Ghana. Many people are in support of the whole cause but others see it otherwise.

That is, some people are of the view that the Government should pay the salaries to the first and second ladies as others said it is very bad for the government to do such a thing.

As a result of this, Kwame A-Plus has finally spoken as he condemn such initiatives. He is very bold and confident with his words. From Kwame A-Plus speaking from America to Ghanaians in Ghana and all over the world.

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He made it known that the Grassroots are suffering and yet Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo and Dr Bawumia want to use the state money to feed their wives.

He added that it is high time Ghanaians needs to rise up and fight for their right. He added that some pregnant women still don’t get comfortable beds to lie on in the hospital and instead of such monies to be used for such Acctivites, they want to give it to their wives.

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Kwame A-Plus made his words known on a live video which is circulating on the internet.

“The grassroots are suffering and you want money for your wives. The are number of Hospitals in Ghana that lacks a lot of amenities and yet you will not think about that. You want huge money for your wives.

Teachers and Nurses have been in the system for long and yet you want to give. Huge amount of money to MPs to buy Cars. This is not the best and you need to change.

I don’t support this idea. Pregnant women needs help in Ghana and yet you want your wives to enjoy huge amount of money”. – Kwame A-Plus lament in the video.

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We are very sure not everyone will listen to the words of Kwame A-Plus but it looks as if he has a point. There are even instances where students are still learning under trees and they need urgent help from Government. This is very critical and need to think through.

Use the link below to watch our for the full details of the words of Kwame A-Plus to Government.

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